It's unfortunate that when we feel a stone
We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
Oh well, the Devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip

Love is like a sin, my love
For the ones that feel it the most
Look at her with her eyes like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you again (oh)

It's unfortunate that when we feel a stone
We can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable
Oh well, the Devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip (oh)

Love is like a sin, my love
For the one that feels it the most
Look at her with a smile like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you again

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Paradise Circus Lyrics as written by Stewart Neville Jackson Daniel Jonathan Brown

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Paradise Circus song meanings
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    General Comment
    And adding onto the "she will love you like a fly will never love you again" flies only really go to what they are attracted to. A fly doesn't hold feelings, it goes off of desire/ what it needs. In this case the girl is like a fly she only is after what she wants for a short period of time. She may not really have any feelings for him , therefore she will never love him again once they've used each other up and gotten what they wanted from the other, she'll be gone.
    stars888on October 16, 2012   Link
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    General Comment
    I think the song is about what love really is. How a person who is madly in love can lead herself (As in this case) to her annihilation (figuratively). " It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable Oh well, the devil makes us sin But we like it when we're spinning in his grip " It says that is it unfortunate that we just "roll ourselves over", meaning, we just go to someone when we are uncomfortable or something is not going right in our life, looking for acceptance, love, to be caressed and taken care of, we desperately start to look for someone close and special, even though we were doing perfectly fine when things were going fine. This tendency, this behavior is dangerous and it makes us a prey of the devil, falling in the "sin" which is what is used to refer to love here. Once we are in love, when we have done that sin, there is no way of coming out and setting ourselves free. "But we like it when we're spinning in his grip" -> We are now liking the feeling, just like alcohol. It doesn't matter what happens to us or our life, even if the world starts to break apart before our eyes, we still consume alcohol just like we are consuming love here, we are getting addicted to love. " Love is like a sin, my love, For the ones that feel it the most Look at her with her eyes like a flame She will love you like a fly will never love you again " The first line of the above para is very important. As you shall see, The person in these lines has already realized how sinful love is and how we, under its control, damage our life as well as someone else's life. IN SPITE OF THIS FACT, she is still in love, as apparent by the part "...,my love". She is still doing the sin and is being controlled by the "devil". She adds that love is a sin for those who really feel it, truly and passionately. She tells his lover that this is how love works. Look at her with love and affection and warmth and she will come to you (as a general rule of nature) blindly and passionately and helplessly only to destroy herself and everything she was and everything she had JUST LIKE a fly helplessly gets attracted to a flame, killing itself. Therefore, as you can see, humans are being compared to flies which just leap into fire and kill themselves, we also let love consume ourselves, even when we know that it's the end and we can't stop this from happening, ever. It's just a matter of time when we "fall" in love.
    navienavnavon April 20, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretation
    "In times of need even the devil eats flies" (In der Not frisst der Teufel Fliegen)...a german proverb meaning beggars can't be choosers. Can't help but notice the references in this song...the devilish fiery eyes/smile, and "she will love you like a fly will never love you again". Maybe the song relates to one person being more in love than the other (or maybe the 2nd person isn't in love at all). Makes it easier to walk away when one is less interested (although it's obvious you will hurt the other person)...when the storm rolls in, ya just walk. Easy (but evil). But which side, then, owns the sin? To me it would be the person least in love (but stays selfishly). Although the lyrics suggest it's "her" (the one that feels "it the most"). Also, which side is the beggar? I'm thinking "her" (dangerously hangs onto the unrequited love because maybe [she thinks] she can't do better), but the lyrics suggest the opposite (that she is the fly being eaten).
    sTTaceyon February 13, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    this song really does draw a ton from the 70's porn film 'the devil in miss jones'. i know no one here has really addressed that (except for one other poster) but it's the case. watch the video--it's basically the star of the film, now an old woman, talking about her experiences making it. before anyone worries about her doing things she didn't want to do, georgina spelvin was pretty groundbreaking in that she was one of the women who went into porn because they loved sex and thought they were introducing a sort of revolutionary way of making film. i love her in the video--seeing her reminisce, she really does have this sort of dreamy flame in her eyes. the fly being discussed in the song is present in the film also--he's an insane man who thinks that he's a fly and sadly won't respond to georgina's advances anymore, which is what signals to her that she's truly (finally) gone to hell. scribe gets right to the essence of the song when they say "You are trapped in a cycle of pleasure/pain. The other is trapped in a cycle of pleasure/unease. Your love will never be realized." that's pretty much the film too.
    gandydanceron December 01, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning
    These are all brilliant interpretations, but to clarify the origin of the lyrics, you have to start by watching the (graphic!) music video. It revolves around the interview of an ex-erotic film actress, Georgina Spelvin, and the film she starred in, "The Devil In Miss Jones" in the 70's. If you research the plot of said film, you will see the stimulus behind the lyrics in Paradis Circus, especially the "She will love you like a fly will never love you again" line. Cheers!
    Dreva13on April 11, 2013   Link
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    General Comment
    I also hear: Oh well, the devil makes us sin But we like it when we're spinning in his grin Grin makes more sense since it rhymes with sin. My first interpretation of the song (prior to reading amyerin's post) was that it's unfortunate that people ignore their sexual desires. The stone (or the stirring one feels) makes us uncomfortable and we roll over - the way a partner would roll away from his or her partner while they are in bed because he or she is no longer interested in sleeping with the partner. But the urge is too strong - not because one loves the person, but because it's a necessary biological release - that he/she does it anyway. And when the person does, the devil - ever the voyuer - watches the couple as they writhe under his gaze knowing full well that the union is not heavenly, but carnal for at least one partner. The partner who is aware that the other is not in love, resigns himself or herself (Oh well), They both enjoy it nonetheless. The next few lines makes me think that the woman is the one with the desire (and the control). She is the one with the flame in her eye. That to me is not love, but lust. It's fire. It's passion. And it's just wrong for the poor man to love her as much as he does. The woman loves him for the moment. Once her desire is fulfilled, she will - like a fly - leave as quickly as she arrived and never return.
    40zebrason March 28, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning
    This song is inspired on a 70's porn film called The Devil in Miss Jones, the woman on the song's video is the main actress Georgina Spelvin. The mention of the fly regards the end of the movie, in which a sex addict woman is "confined to a small room with an impotent, sexually uninterested man who is more interested in catching flies than her" (wikipedia)
    madcraneon April 05, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    I think it is "stone" and not "storm". 'When we feel ...' -- I think this is a universal voice, meaning it applies to anyone. When we come to a realization. 'When we feel a stone' -- I interpret "stone" as something like a millstone around your neck. When we come to the realization of another's deep feelings/expectations of us (and we don't feel the same), there's pressure and discomfort. There's a weight and a burden; a millstone around your neck. 'We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable' -- We can ignore and hide our realization. From the other person and perhaps from ourselves (but not completely). 'Oh well, the devil makes us sin. But we like it when we're spinning in his grin' -- This is signifying our desires towards lust, pleasure, gratification -- at the cost of denying the truth and continuing the cycle which will never lead to fulfillment. Even so, we like it. We might feel powerless to stop it. I see this as applying to possibly both parties. 'Love is like a sin, my love. For the one that feels it the most.' -- The one who feels love the most is the one who has introduced a burden which places a millstone around the neck of the other, or around both of their necks. 'Look at her with her eyes/smile like a flame. She will love you like a fly will never love you again.' -- This is directed towards the one who is in love: realize the truth. You are trapped in a cycle of pleasure/pain. The other is trapped in a cycle of pleasure/unease. Your love will never be realized.
    scribe99on October 01, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    For me, this song explains perfectly that feeling of loving somebody you know could never love you back. "It's unfortunate that when we feel a stone, we can roll ourselves over cause we're uncomfortable" (we don't face things, we don't take risks, we do what's comfortable and unremarkable. in this case i think it refers to trading up passion for comfort.) "OH WELL, the devil makes us sin, but we like it when we're spinning in his grip" (it will happen one way or another, despite the habit of humans to try and be safe. We enjoy the pain of seeing somebody else be happy, and enjoy the obsession of unrequited love.) "Love is like a sin, my love" (it's LIKE a sin. it feels like wrong, the guilty pleasure... "my love" signifies everyone will do it anyway. a personal example of it i guess) "For the one that feels it the most" (shows that one has strong feelings, and it could be seen as wrong when the other person does not want that) "Look at her with her eyes like a flame" (Lust, Passion, Jealousy, Rage. Also has hellish/sinful connotations.) "She loves you like a fly will never love you" (like a fly on the wall, she's looking in from the outside, again suggesting that the love is unrequited. love of this kind is easy to ignore/"roll over" to) the music totally reflects this, there is a tension created by the bassline/drumming which is like that empty feeling in your stomach when you have this unbearable desire. the song itsself is also beautifully constructed, with this same slow build up, incredible climax, then slightly empty, disappointing ending. i want more. just my opinion. :)
    honeybuzzon May 11, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    i was on weed when i wrote this so its kinda screw up, and theres no option to delete it even ^
    Scheissseon July 09, 2010   Link

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