Tempo a gente tem
Quanto a gente dá
Corre o que correr
Custa o que custar

Tempo a gente dá
Quanto a gente tem
Custa o que correr
Corre o que custar

O tempo que eu perdi
Só agora eu sei
Aprender a dar
Foi o que ganhei

E ando ainda atrás
Desse tempo ter
Pude não correr
Dele me encontrar

Ahh não se mexeu
Beija-flor no ar

O rio fica lá
A água é que correu
Chega na maré
Ele vira mar

Como se morrer
Fosse desaguar
Derramar no céu
Se purificar

Ahh, deixa pra trás
Sais e minerais, evaporar

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Evaporar Lyrics as written by Jordana Shapiro Fabrizio Moretti

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    General Commentthere's a missing letter that changes the meaning of that last verse.
    although the verb would sound the same if it weren't in the infinitive form, the reasoning goes back to the verse before that one, which allows us to be sure it is:

    "Como se morrer
    Fosse desaguar
    Derramar no céu
    Se purificar
    Ah, deixaR pra trás
    Sais e minerais

    (for Portuguese speakers: "deixar pra trás sais e minerais" retoma "como se morrer fosse"; isto é: como se morrer fosse deixar pra trás sais e minerais / como se morrer fosse se purificar.)

    I think I'll try and translate the whole thing without taking the structure of the verses nor the order of the sentences into consideration so the meaning comes out better for people who don't speak Portuguese. for those who do, please post your own opinions, because there's a little bit of wordplay:

    we've got as much time as we give it
    whatever happens
    whatever it takes

    we give as much time as we have it
    [that's the blurry part for me, but it could mean what follows]
    it takes the things that happen
    whatever the things that happen cost

    only now I realize that what I got from the time I lost
    was learning how to give

    and I still chase that time
    I was able not to run from it
    [I was able to] Find myself

    (in order to get the meaning from this verse, I had to read it like this:

    E ando ainda atrás
    Desse tempo ter
    Pude não correr dele
    Me encontrar

    but, of course, it wouldn't fit into the song if it were sung like that)

    Ah, it didn't move [I think he means time stood where it was, although he tried to chase it]
    Hummingbird in the air [and he compares time to a hummingbird precisely because it can fly without moving]

    the river stays there
    the water that ran [into the sea] gets to the tides
    it [the river] becomes sea

    it's as if dying was like debouching
    like spilling over the sky
    like a self-purification

    like leaving behind salts and minerals
    like evaporating.
    rhayssafrancoon January 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThanks for the lyrics AND the translation !

    It seems to me a mystic reflection about time, with a brillant metaphor assimilating time with water.
    Sinsearon April 08, 2009   Link
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    General Commentagreed. thanks for translating. although i don't speak portuguese, i'm in love with the language, and little joy is just so amazing. this song just seems very reflective to me, i think that's why i like their music so much in general. all of the songs are about reflection on various aspects of life and the human persona.
    beepohbeepon April 14, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti love this song so much its so beautiful <3
    if only they sang more portuegese songs.
    i listen to this song as i sleep
    deepadillaon October 14, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti feel like he's reconciling what the passage of time means in relation to death... if death isn't time stopping (time doesn't stop, it's a hummingbird in the air) then what is it... evaporating?
    CamBam53on October 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentTime, we have
    As we give
    Run the race
    Whatever it takes

    Time gives the people
    As we have
    The cost to run
    Run what cost

    The time I lost
    Only now I know
    Learning to give
    It was what won

    And yet I walk ago
    From that time has
    I could not run
    I find it

    Ahh do not move
    Hummingbird in the air

    The river is there
    The water is gone
    Tide comes in
    He turns March

    How do you die
    Would recede
    Pour in the sky
    If purify

    Ahh leaves behind
    Salts and minerals, evaporate!
    four spoton December 08, 2008   Link

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