Battling Plan's a bad plan
I'm raw like cats from Afghanistan
With gats in their hands
From Philly to Pakistan 'space
Packin the stands you make all fake thugs
Start acting like Stans
You'll never make your move cuz
You lackin the fans
I been illin' since I had
A backpack full a cans
You see life pass by you in
The blink of an eye thinkin you fly
We'll choke you in the sink till you die
You spit lava rap, so holla back if need be
You'll burn if you step, believe me
Come see me
I'll make you see moons in the break of day
And make sure that your body
Slowly starts to decay
It's gruesome, I had to add my two cents
The next movement in rap guess who's sent
Outerpsace nigga, and we demand we eat
And if not we gonna leave a
Bloodbath in the street nigga

They asked me, concerning the spoils of war
Such spoils are the disposal of
God and the apostles so fear God
And keep straight the
Relations between yourselves
Obey God and his apostles if ye do believe
I'm so confused, take the world away

I'm a maniac
You need to watch who you war with
You in the land of stars
When the block is enormous
Squash rocks with my hands
My palms is enormous
Flow the hot lava that I
Drop when I scorch it
Droppin candy rappers that get
Chopped up and snorted
Newborn kids they get chopped up, aborted
Planet warchild, when we pop up report it
Committin riot acts so we constantly torch it
Illest Puerto-Rock this whole
Process is morbid
Equipped with slaughter blocks
You get the picture-a portrait
If it ain't monetary
What's your reason for touring
All that shit you pop
To be honest it's boring
Been rockin the mic since
Before it turned corporate
You need to sit back and
Let your conscience absorb this
Before you ship that demo to
Them dudes in the office
Come test your skills for
Real in hell's fortress

I saw four angels standing at the
Four corners of the earth
Holding the four winds of the earth
So that no wind would blow on the earth
Or on the sea, or on any tree
I saw another angel ascend from the sunrise
Having the seal of the living god
He cried with a loud voice to the four angels
I'm so confused
To whom it was given to harm
The earth and the sea

Immortal Technique
I live life strangling death
I walk through the land where
The fallen angel is kept
But I will never bow down to a Pagan habit
Like Roman gods that were faggots
Named after the planets
The connotations of Revelation
Taken for granted mark of the beast
Government microchips implanted
I'll be branded a maniac
For speaking the truth
And I'll be murdered as soon as I
Hit the street with the proof
Illuminati trying to raise the
Devil at any cost
They probably cloned Jesus with the
Blood off of the cross
And I know that it's the
Same mother fuckers I see
That genetically engineered HIV
Controlling the population according
To mathematics
Generated by Masons and the military industry
Sponsoring terror, creatin the profit margin
That'll last forever
The crusades and Vietnam
Sand-blasted together
And you believe in "whatever"
Even a Federal promise
But the spawn of Shaytan
Could never be honest
And poor people pay homage and pray to a god
That the Vatican themselves don't
Really believe in
Cuz they'd rather worship money
And the physical demons
Without biblical reason I execute
Em for treason i don't need an alibi
Cuz my place in history is
The book of Malachi motherfucker

Immortal Technique Harlem
New York and North Philly
The Angels of Death are here you motherfucker
We'll turn your cities to salt, nigga
Y'all ain't shit
And none of your peoples are shit
None of your children are shit
You'll all be dead tomorrow
You fake motherfuckers what!?

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Angels of Death Lyrics as written by Marcus Albaladejo Christoph Bauss

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    I am honestly shocked and appalled and saddened by the fact that nobody has commented on this song. it is the most accurate political, religious, real statement i can think of. These guys are not rapping about garbage and how life is hard in the hood, but how fucked up the world really is. People need to wake up, and stand against the lluminati (funny thing microsoft or whatever tries immediately capatilizes the word, although it deserves much worse) so please people, listen to words like these we may sound crazy but the fact is that in the future the people who believe this will die as martyrs for failing to submit and we won't be around to say WE TOLD YOU SO. having that said i am prouder than hell as an american citizen to say i believe this song needs to be listened to and accepted as the TRUTH

    morthiason August 06, 2008   Link
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    Just so you know, I think the lyrics are "the spawn of Shaitan".

    life_as_lucidon January 08, 2009   Link
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    Definitely a great song by an amazing true underground emcee.

    IT's verse is last.

    zacherybinxon July 31, 2010   Link

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