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Waiting For The Beat To Kick In song meanings
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    General Comment'Always had the feeling I could never be the villain,
    Cause the villain in the books is always backlit'

    I hear it as "films" not "books" both times, which ties in with him meeting film characters, and particularly a film noir villain in the final encounter who says "you don't need to be backlit to be the villain"

    And the line

    "Then, no explosion but participants errosion"

    I hear as

    "Then, no explosion but persistence brings erosion"

    And the lines that Billy Brown says about "if you can't forgive and forget ..." come from Grosse Point Blank, spoken by the Minnie Driver character at the end... interesting that he uses two films starring John Cusack in the song
    matthefton July 23, 2009   Link
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    Link(s)I found some links to explain the references.

    Lloyd Dobler, reference to his views on life.……

    Elwood P Dowd, very clear reference to the quote in the video, from the movie Harvey. "For years I was smart, I reccommend pleasant"…

    Billy Brown played by Vincent Gallo in Buffalo '66, don't know exactly why he is referred to yet, maybe I should watch the movie for that.…
    ICYURinEcstasyon May 19, 2012   Link
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    General CommentList Of Characters:

    Pip : The protagonist of the song refers the main character of the Charles Dickens novel 'Great Expectations'; Philip Pirrip. Pip's life in this book is split into three 'expectations' in which he learns life lessons, much like the song. The final 'expectation' of the novel is a harsh truth that brings him back to earth; again like the song,

    Elwood P. Dowd : The main character from the play 'Harvey', in which Elwood belives to have an imaginary friend called Harvey (Who whispers to Elwood in this song). He was condemned to be changed into a 'normal human' via injection, but his sister later decides that she would prefer to keep the old Elwood than change him.

    Lloyd Dobler : Character from the recent film 'Say Anything...' Which is a classic romantic film about Lloyd falling in love with a woman called Diane. After many obstacles they finally end up together.

    Billy Brown : I think theis refers to the R&B singer from the groups 'The Moments' and later 'Ray, Goodman & Brown'.

    Walter Neff : The main character of the film 'Double Indemnity'. Walter Neff is an insurance salesman who is convinced by Phyllis Dietrichson to help murder her husband for the insurance money. After the murder he realises that Phyllis has infact been playing him and he tries to kill her himself. They both shoot each other; Phyllis dies straight away, but Walter survives long enough to confess the murder of Phyllises husband to his co-worker. Walter Neff is a good example of how a generally good guy can fall to the murder of two people.

    I am not sure about my reference to Billy Brown, can anyone help with this or any other corrections?
    Chris_Novison June 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBilly Brown could be from the movie Buffalo '66

    Seems to fit with the rest of them being movie characters and all.
    shrodeson June 20, 2008   Link
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    Lyric Correction"There's a level of benevolence inside all of us"

    it sounds like 'a level of malevolence' to me, and that would be more consistent with the section!

    great song
    stefanmauon September 12, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHow wonderful. A rap song which deals with attitudes and concepts. All about changing your life and actively trying to be a better person.
    hastalavictoriaon May 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. Lyrically, I think it's possibly the strongest on the new album. I might add another song or two off the album to the site later on.
    GeoH2102on May 06, 2008   Link
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    General Comment'Mr Pip' is nothing to do with great expectations, it's because it's SCROOBIUS PIP
    3fingeredpeteon July 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think you're both right... The way the song is laid out, the use of the name Mr. Pip is too much of a coincidence to not be intended as a refrence. I too am stumped as to the identity of Billy Brown. Maybe if we put it too Scroob in a question, he could shed some light on the subject.
    The_Egopunkon August 31, 2008   Link
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    General Commentis billy brown not a song from mika...?


    this is almost like a dream I could've had.
    only I could never say it like this.
    great lyrics!
    I think Chris Novis is right.
    gonna have to read more english literature. :o

    The_$t!Gon October 31, 2008   Link

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