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Geraldine Lyrics

when your sparkle evades your soul
i`ll be at your side to console
when your standing on the window ledge
i`ll talk you back from the edge
i will turn your tide
be your shepard and your guide
when your lost in the deep and darkest place around
may my words walk you home safe and sound
when you say that im no good and you feel like walking
i need to make sure you know thats just the prescription talking
when your feet decide to walk you on the wayward side
up upon the stairs and down the downward slide
i will turn your tide
do all that i can to heal you inside
i`ll be the angel on your shoulder
my name is geraldine, im your social worker

i see you need me
i know you do
41 Meanings
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I've got to say I think it's pretty sad that the real Geraldine is no longer a social worker and is selling bloody T-shirts with Glasvegas instead. As well as everyone elses comments about love etc, I'd also say that the song is giving a different view of social work than the one we normally get. We only hear about the failures of social workers and it's nice to hear a song that heroises them rather than demonises them. The fact that Geraldine herself has abandoned such a noble calling for the sake of selling merchandise for a band (basically being a hanger-on) does undercut that message somewhat. I wonder if she appreciates the irony...

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The songwriter wrote a heartfelt song from the point of view of Geraldine. The listeners can then apply the song's words to their own lives by substituting their loved ones for Geraldine. In this way, listening to the song is almost like getting a touching message of love and support from your loved one. That's what I get from it anyway. Your mileage may vary.

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The social worker and their client has been used as a simile. In an Interveiw James said that that the song geraldine is about how how romance isnt dead in the world and that there are still good people in the world, so there is always somebody thier for you when you need them. The realationship could be between anybody; boyfriend & girlfreind; two freinds; father & son etc...

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geraldine is a women who used to wrok with the lead singers sister, both his siter and geraldine were social workers. geraldine know works on the merchanside stall at glasvegas gigs. cant wait to see them in december, the album is amazing

Incidently James Allans Sisiter is the Bands manager

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even before i knew what geraldine was about, this song just makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful.

heh, his accent's so thick, i just realized he said, "my name is GERALDINE,". the meaning's amazing, by the way. it's clearly about one person saving the other; about them trying to make their life better.

My Opinion
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I never know how to analyze that last line, "My name is geraldine, I'm your social worker" Its almost anti-climactic, because I don't know if it's meant that this is her job and therefore she is not serious or that these feelings previously expressed are truely authentic. If it is true that the song is about how romance isn't dead in the world, perhaps the line isn't supposed to be taken literally as she is actually a social worker, but instead she is like a social worker in that she is there to look out for the person and help them.

My Interpretation
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FFS what a song. It's celebrating the platonic and altruistic love given by a social worker to someone who, without that love, would go under. There's no metaphor here: it's achingly heartfelt. To substitute the social worker for anyone with a wider relationship to the other person is, I believe, missing the point. It is a reminder that, despite the jaded portrayal by the media, social workers literally save people's lives through dedication and love, and for which little thanks is ever received. To my mind it also makes the love songs that it resembles seem rather shallow and petty by comparison: "La la, you're very pretty and I'll love you forever and ever..." - listening to Geraldine makes me want to tell these people to shove their vapid shoite back up their hole.

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Absolute blinder. I remember my mate saying 'and after all that, it turns out he's talkin about his social worker!' This song onl gets more relevant in these days of cutbacks, the bullshit big society and the massive cry for help that you can hear everywhere you turn your ear.

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Mindblowingly good song

his thick Scottish accent is endearing

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To me this song is about obviously a social worker who goes so far out of their way for a person they don't even know.

Amazing song

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