What Godzilla Said to God When His Name Wasn't Found in the Book of Life Lyrics

You saw my face fall into a well-worn groove
A child starts playing a role and ends up type-cast in every movie
I took cold comfort in your touch, and now I'm laughing high and dry
Yeah, I felt everything I'm gonna feel
Cried all the real tears I'm gonna cry

I don't care what dreams you have
I don't care about your second thought
Now that you've cut yourself off
You're not even sure things are clear and bright

Well, did you let it take hold of your soul?
Was it like moonrise over your desert shore?
Tell me, is it more evil to lose your heart or to go on as before?

What could come around?
What could make a difference to me now?
What could come around?
Nothing could bring me down

I get warm to any touch, so why does yours get so cold?
At first you didn't mean very much
Now you rule my life

Watch your house of cards take a deep breath
Watch it breathe word for word
Fifty-two secrets the justice would never protect
Fifty-two secrets justice never heard

How thirsty is your soil?
Indifferent hearts never keep anything long
I spend my time looking around for something to bring me down
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Aug 23, 2006
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