You were brought up like a boy,
but now you think your life's a pill.
With its love for yourself,
ticking to its timeless soundtrack.

You point the finger
as you carry the flag.
I don't pay attention.
Do you like the dust we breathe?
Do you recommend yourself
to my gentle senses?

I feel wasted.

Lyrics submitted by Marcus7

Belfast/Wasted (vocal mix) song meanings
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    General Comment

    Reading this it sounds like drugs or something. When I first heard the song - it sounded like it was a girl (brought up like a boy) - but I was unsure about the lyrics (hence looking them up) - I thought it said 'you think your life's a film' for some reason - which fits interestingly with the soundtrack bit.

    Anyway - I think that maybe this about a lady on drugs (life's a pill) with it's love for yourself (odd meaning - but E is a love drug). How can a drug pill love someone? - maybe the pushers love those who provide them money - and the club scene seems like a room of love (but is in fact a room full of drugged freaks) . I dunno - The timeless soundtrack is maybe the club scene (or 'Rave' scene as it used to be called in this era - in the UK - I believe that some nations still use the word 'Rave' to refer to contemporary dance music). Anyhow - The flag bit gets complicated. Perhaps she is carrying the flag for drugs and points to those who are not doing the drugs - but he does not pay attention (he was told to say no or something). Anyhow - the dust we breath - again seems like drugs again - cocaine - speed whatever. As for the gentle senses - he is either referring to the lady - perhaps the man is a little more sensitive and does not feel comfortable with such a brash druggy woman. Or perhaps at this point he is talking about the dust drug again - can it recommend itself to his human gentle senses.

    As for 'I feel wasted' - well - Perhaps that is drugs again....

    I really did not want this song to be about drugs - but sadly I can't view it any other way. If someone knows better then please tell....

    pining_for_fjordson June 02, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I think pining for fjors got it all wrong

    You really need to see the video before you start babbling about at random.

    I think the song is about some guy in a bar who's wasted: which means he's drunk, (which is also in the video) and the dummy he is holding is speaking for him; he is a drunk person who is kind of tired of life and he is speaking to the people who keep pissing him off a.k.a recommending themselfes to his gentle senses.

    I think "You point the finger as you carry the flag." has something to do with nationalist who are judgemental but I dont know for sure.

    Furthermore I feel that "I don't pay attention. Do you like the dust we breathe? Do you recommend yourself to my gentle senses?" Is his reaction to this nonsense with what these individuals try to hurt his "gentle senses" .

    And I think the "I feel wasted" part is his final awnser to this all. I like to think that "I feel wasted" is his final awnser to civilian life as a whole. I think if you watch the video you might understand what I mean.

    whatever88on September 06, 2008   Link

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