It's all a matter of soul and fire
Infatuation or true desire
The thrill of discovery, divine intervention
Cruel, cruel change; the pain of rejection

As you walk away, think of all the joy we shared
If you decide you need me, I'll be wondering if I care
Not there to soothe your soul, friend to tender friend
I think our love is coming to an end

King persuader, congratulations
Share her heart, you bought her soul
Princess confusion, come to me again
Saying goodbye was so much fun

When you walk away, feel the freedom in your heart
There's a joy in letting go, free to find a love apart
When I lose control, I need a kind, forgiving friend
But I think our love is coming to an end

I know our love is coming to an end

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Soul and Fire song meanings
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    Hah, I love this song. I read it as being extremely bitter. The first 4 lines being about the "situation" in general. I.e he's wondering if he was just infatuated or if it was true love and the pain of being rejected etc. Next 8 lines I feel are addressed to a girl saying he won't be there for her anymore and is giving her up. The last lines I think are addressed to the person listening to the song saying that giving up on someone is, unfortunately, sometimes the best thing you can do. I can relate to it if it's that. Recently had to ditch a fairly...mentally unstable friend / ex because she was being far, far too difficult and was, well, going completely mental.
    powell101on April 10, 2007   Link
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    It's about breaking up with someone you love. Whether you both think you should break up, or just one person does. "Cruel, cruel change, pain of rejection" i.e. it's hard to move on as we are comfortable with someone, and the rejection is to see (or think) of the other person with someone else, as well as (possibly being afraid of) pain of being rejected by someone else. "As you walk away, think of all the joy we shared If you decide you need me, I'll be wondering if I care Not there to soothe your soul, friend to tender friend" "King persuader, congratulations You share her heart, you bought her soul Princess confusion, come to me again" These lines suggest that girl breaks up, and the guy tries to get back together but the girl breaks up again cause she doesn't know what she wants "There's a joy in letting go, free to find a love apart" Is possibly being sarcastic. "When I lose control, I need a kind, forgiving friend But I think our love is coming to an end" i.e. The guy has gotten frustrated with her and lost his temper and wants to be comforted by the girl, but realizes he shouldn't be comforted because they should just be apart.
    lifeandotherlieson May 05, 2007   Link
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    This song is a real heart string strummer. Love the line " Princess confusion, come to me again" Heard a cover bt Kris Roe which led me to get the original and it is great.
    PeteRKOon February 03, 2008   Link
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    From Wikipedia: "The song was inspired by Lou Barlow's breakup with his then girlfriend, Catherine Billus. The song affected Billus so profoundly, that it brought the two back together."
    JohnnyLurgon May 27, 2011   Link
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    It seems to me that this is a great explanation of a couple where the gal has emotional issues that are leading her away from their relationship. It almost sounds like he was slowly watching her change and lose attachment, and the final goodbye hurt, but also felt good - I imagine there was an outpouring of emotion from her at the end after a long time of showing none. It also sounds like an outside third party stole her away: "King persuader, congratulations Share her heart, you bought her soul" Someone from her past maybe that she had never let go persuaded her to leave for him again. The next line indicates that the singer believes the same possibility for her to sway back one more time and come back to him: "Princess confusion, come to me again" The rest of the lines indicate that he knows she is leaving, but the arrangement of the lyrics in the song make me think he knows she may still love him and come back again someday.
    Silverstonepgton May 10, 2013   Link

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