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Cambodia Lyrics

Well he was Thailand based
She was an airforce wife
He used to fly weekends
It was the easy life
But then it turned around
And he began to change
She didn't wonder then
She didn't think it strange
But then he got a call
He had to leave that night
He couldn't say too much
But it would be alright
He didn't need to pack
They'd meet the next night
He had a job to do
Flying to Cambodia

And as the nights passed by
She tried to trace the past
The way he used to look
The way he used to laugh
I guess she'll never know
What got inside his soul
She couldn't make it out
Just couldn't take it all
He had the saddest eyes
The girl had ever seen
He used to cry some nights
As though he lived a dream
Ans as she held him close
He used to search her face
As though she knew the truth
Lost inside Cambodia

But then a call came through
They said he'd soon be home
She had to pack a case
And they would make a rendez-vous
But now a year has passed
And not a single word
And all the love she knew
Has disappeared out in the haze
Cambodia - Don't cry now - No tears now

And now the years have passed
With not a single word
But there is only one thing left
I know for sure
She won't see his face again
6 Meanings
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As MHHD2 mentioned, this song is a cover of Kim Wilde's fantastic 1981 version. The song is (quite literally) about a soldier who is called to conduct bombing raids on Cambodia from an Air Force base in Thailand. When he returned, he was haunted by his actions. The truth of his deeds were lost in Cambodia...

That makes sense, but what to make of "She won't see his face again?"

"She won't see his face again." Most likely it means that she won't ever see the real him again, because he could never be the same. Or so I believe.

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I was about to make note of what an 80's electro-pop sound got this album started, but then I looked into it I realized that that was the point =P. Sonic Diary [2006] is a collection of covers, mostly from music's most embarrassing yet most fondly remembered decade. Cambodia is one of my favorites, but the whole disk is great.

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i heard this song and it's absolutly fabulous

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I think this song is about a wife who's husband's plane either crashes or gets shot down over cambodia and how she doesn't know what happened pretty easy to understand actually

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Her husband probably went MIA in Cambodia. I think the call coming through, not seeing his face again, only one thing left, etc. means that they found his corpse and were shipping it back.

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Here is the original song: youtube.com/watch

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