'I'm so sorry, please forgive me
Who do I pray to to straighten out this problem? (problem)
Straighten out this problem (problem), straighten out my mind (Mind)
Straighten out ...this crooked tongue...(x3)

My mind has wandered, from the straight and narrow
My mind has wandered from the flock you see
My mind has wandered, the man just said so
My mind has wandered I heard it on TV
And the flock has wandered away from me.

(Chorus 1)
All around the world now
Like a big bright cherry cloud
Traveling from home to home
TV sets and telephones
Here it comes just like a storm
Bathe in it and be reborn
Time to let the world know
Welcome madness, ...say hello...(x3)

Like a wave we cannot see
Washing over you and me
Hiding here and hiding there
Madness hiding everywhere
Such a curiosity
Here it comes to set us free
Plenty left for you and me
Say hello insanity

I am the virus, are you the cure?
I am morally(morally), I'm morally impure(Impure)
I am a disease and I am unclean
I am not part of God's well oiled machine
Christian nation(Nation), assimilate me(me)
Take me in your arms and set me free
I am part of a degenerate elite(elite)
Dragging our society into the street -yeah-
Into the abyss and to the sewer don't you see
The man just told me, he told me on TV

Do you think you're better than me
Do you want to kill me or befriend me

And the alcoholic bastard waved his finger at me
And His voice was filled with evangelical glee
Sipping down his gin & tonics
While preaching about the evils of narcotics
And the evils of sex,(sex) and the wages of sin (Sin)
While he mentally fondles his next of kin and

My mind has wandered from the flock you see
And the flock has wandered away from me
And he waved his hypnotizing finger at me

(Chorus 2)

Let's imitate reality (Insanity)
Let's strive for mediocrity (Insanity)
Let's make believe we're all the same (Now that's for me)
Let's sanitize our little brains (Insanity)

I'd love to take you home with me and tuck you into bed
I'd love to see what makes you tick inside your pretty head
I'd love to hear you laugh tonight, I'd love to hear you weep
I'd love to listen to you while you're screaming in your sleep.

Christian sons, Christian daughters
Lead me along like a lamb to the slaughter
Purify my brain and hose down my soul
White perfection, perfection is my goal

Do you think you're better than me
Do you want to kill me, or befriend me

Christian nation(nation), make us alright
Put us through the filter and make us pure and white 'cause'
My mind has wandered away from me
And the flock has wandered, away from me

Let's talk of family values while we sit and watch the slaughter
Hypothetical abortions on imaginary daughters
The white folks think they're at the top, ask any proud white male
A million years of evolution, we get Danny Quayle

(Chorus 1 & 2)

I'd love to take you home with me, I'd love to tuck you in
I wish I could protect you from the wages of our sin
I'd love to hear you scream tonight, I'd love to hear you cry
Protect you from the madness that is raining from the sky

(Chorus 2)

I'd love to take you home with me and tuck you into bed
I'd love to see what makes you tick inside your pretty head
I wish that I could keep you in a precious Chinese box
On Sundays I would pray for you so it would never stop
I'd love to hear you laugh tonight, I'd love to hear you weep
I'd love to listen to you while you're screaming in your sleep
I'd love to soothe you with my voice and take your hand in mine
I'd love to take you past the stars and out of reach of time
I'd love to see inside your mind, to tear it all apart
To cut you open with knife and find your sacred heart
I'd love to take your satin dolls and tear them all to shreds
I'd love to mess your pretty hair, I'd love to see you dead.'

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Insanity Lyrics as written by Danny Elfman

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    My Interpretation
    Looks like there’ve been no posts here in years so probably no one will see this. But I think this song is from the point of view of someone who is mentally disturbed and has thoughts of rape or murder, and is joining Christianity because he thinks that God/Jesus will keep his cravings for these things under control. This is why the final stanzas are saying such awful things — not because “Danny Elfman is crazy,” but because he’s writing the song from this point of view (writers aren’t always writing about themselves :p ). We see this over and over in society: the woman who sexually abused and killed the child in her Sunday school, Catholic priests who rape boys in their churches, etc. Many people sadly turn to Christianity rather than seeking proper medical help, because they think that God will magically control the thoughts in their head.
    BalisongAbraxason April 01, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    From my interpretation, the view of the song is from a guy who has always been considered different and crazy by the abusive Christian environment he grew up in, until he finally snaps. Since Christians believe we are all God's designed children, they tend to find it hard to accept that there are people different from them. So they make a very clear line between what is normal and what is wrong, Television and media only further this generalization, and the Christian Nation make make sure to take of the "insane". So after our character's mind wanders and he becomes crazy, he sings against this judgmental and generalizing environment, stating the hypocrisy of maybe the reason he's gone crazy is because "the alcoholic bastard(his father)" mentally abused him when he preached against everything in the world.
    JofaGuhton May 26, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    It's about the stupidity of some of our human traits, and how we swindle ourselves and each other, just for material possetions and how little far we've gotten in our evelution brain power, even though our appearences are different from what was 200million years ago.
    Myoriaon June 15, 2003   Link
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    General Comment
    Sounds more like a commentary on religious types in general, A love-Hate relationship of sorts. Hates them for how blind, and stupid, and well how much like mindless 'droids they tend to be, and how they can be so critical of everyone else, and yet envies that whole sense of belonging, of faith that the next day will bring happiness, that blind sense of hope, and that belief that in the end they believe what they are doing is right, makes him want to open them up and see what makes them tick.
    Polecaton November 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    I think this song is about pressures of religious conformity. How it is being more and more idealized by today's elite religious leaders and shoved onto the working class by means of guilt. The "I'd like to see..." lines are the voice of the evangelical preacher as he gains more and more influence, power and control over society. The reason they are demented is because, he doesn't really have our best interests at heart, after all -- he just wants the control.
    zenwizardon March 30, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    That's all well and good, but then how do you explain the last two stanzas? I always thought that it just meant that Danny Elfman is out of his fucking mind.
    loserdorkon June 17, 2003   Link
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    General Comment
    Myoria: A really good Boingo song about the stupidity of evolution id "Why'd We Come"
    PursuitofLifeon February 09, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    Danny Elfman is brilliant. He writes lyrics with the sort of subjects that would normally be handled by a shrink--and instead of paying some psychiatrist $200 to handle his neuroses and the darkest corners of his id, he gets us to shell out $20 a pop to buy them. Go boy.
    Tomis Greyon February 09, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    Not much I can say here that hasn't already been covered. I always thought the alcoholic bastard was a priest, but JofaGuht seems to have it right. Also, has anybody seen the video to this? It's an easter egg on the Farewell DVD and holy crap is it ever amazing. Very dark, very Burtonesque. Stop-motion monkeys and vintage dolls and skeletons and puppets and Danny sitting at a desk wearing eyeshadow and screaming and shaking around. Perhaps the best example anyone could come up with to call Oingo Boingo "goth".
    ModernDandyon July 21, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    As I understand this, Danny wrote this after watching a televangelist on TV.
    panavataron December 18, 2005   Link

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