Bono explained it when I heard them at Boston 1983. It's about getting up after you fall down when trying to get somewhere ..... in their case, trying to get a record deal. Bono and his wife (then girlfriend) went to London a lot off their own back in order to get listened to. So I think they (John and Julie) had to support each other when one or the other falls down.

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Back then I wondered why this kind of music is called "heavy metal". It became clear when I finally heard this song.

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This song really means alot to me cz every time I listen to it , it heal me

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The song makes it sound like it's about suicide at first glance, but upon a more thoughtful listen it does not seem to be that way at all.

It is about someone who is completely shattered and heartbroken and their journey to be better than they were. To piece themselves back together and move on. Unfortunately, this song has been very relatable this year.

"There is no use in dying When still I seem to be undone"

  • They already feel dead, no point in dying
  • "There is no use in trying to find again The love of someone"

  • They don't think they can find what they once had and so they no longer search for love as a goal in life
  • "Where have I gone and come so far Well, I've been headed nowhere I have been walking quite a while along Feeling lonesome"

  • They then go on a lonely journey, they aren't sure where, but they just keep trudging forward
  • "Don't you worry They won't find my body"

  • I may have disappeared but you won't find my body because I am not dead, I have just moved on to a different place where you wont find me
  • "I want you to know I found peace in another world"

  • Wherever they are not, they are at peace with the turmoil of the past.
  • "Don't keep digging I want you to leave back Away from the place Where my ashes are buried"

  • Don't chase me or ask me why I left, I have moved on from the emotions and sorrow of who I was and they are now buried and lost. Don't try to dig it back up
  • "I still can hear you breathing As if you'd never gone away I still can feel your touch Your tenderness As if you were still there"

  • Despite moving on from the sorrow, the love for you still remains
  • "There is no sense in crying Only liquid running from my eyes And all the feelings I restrain Are the remainders that survived"

  • There isn't a point in crying, as it's just water, the true sadness is mostly gone, and the only sad emotions that remain are the ones of having gone through the struggle.
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    I think this song was about a man & woman who live together in a socially traditional way. She does everything she wants because he doesn't want to do anything she's supposed to do ... i.e. cooking, cleaning, pleasing him in bed etc. Her role holds her back from changing the world because she hasn't gotten around to it yet ... "she's going to" means exactly that. She can't read his mind, doesn't need him, and knows she wants a divorce but won't do it. The song came out, September 21, 1999, about a little over...

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    I do like the song although I don't approve of the things described in the lyrics.

    I saw a page, probably with an AI generated interpretation, that put escapism as the central theme of the song, which I think is actually a good summary.

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    I think this song is be about Mexican immigrants or migrant workers riding big gray buses (elephants) into the U.S., feeling judged by the locals. "Borracho, cansado, do you know what the people say?": that's Spanish for drunk and tired. Then the chorus section tells us what the subjects are feeling: far from home, optimistic about the future, proceeding bravely in the names of the loved ones they left behind.

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    I find the song difficult to make the same rhythm as when i play it and try to sing along in English <br /> but atleast i now really know the meaning of the song

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    I always read this as a song about rape instead of literal murder, and the abortion theory has never set with me very well either.

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    Throughout the song, lead vocalist Tyler Joseph is “navigating” through his head, a phrase he repeats to illustrate the spiral he goes down when confronted with difficult thoughts and fears, such as his family leaving him one day.

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