Electric Six

Electric Six are a six-piece Detroit band formed in 1996. Their style has been defined as a mixture of arena rock, disco, synth pop and glam. There have been a lot of changes in the composition of the band, Dick Valentine ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Who the Hell Just) Call My Phone0
A Variation of Elaine0
Adam Levine2
After Hours3
Ah! Leah! (Donnie Iris cover)0
Alone with Your Body0
American Cheese1
Animal Attraction0
Another Song About the Devil0
Are You Afraid of the Devil?0
Be Afraid Of The Robot2
Be My Dark Angel5
Big Red Arthur0
Bite Me6
Bleed for the Artist0
Body Shot0
Boy Or Girl5
Broken Machine3
Buckingham Green (Ween cover)0
Cat People (David Bowie cover)0
Cheryl vs. Darryl1
Chocolate Pope2
Christian Radio Manchester0
Cold Future0
Countdown to the Countdown1
Cranial Games1
Dance Commander13
Dance Epidemic2
Dance Pattern1
Dance-A-Thon 20053
Dancing Like an Idiot0
Danger! High Voltage30
Devil Nights1
Dime, Dime, Penny, Dime0
Dirty Ball2
Dirty Looks2
Do You Love Me? (KISS cover)0
Don't Be Afraid of the Robot0
Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom2
Down at McDonnellzzz7
Drone Strikes0
Easy Lover (Phil Collins cover)0
Egyptian Cowboy2
Electric Demons in Love3
Electric Six0
Escape From Ohio1
Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)0
Eye Contact0
Fabulous People2
Face Cuts2
Feed My Fuckin' Habit3
Flashy Man1
Food Dog1
Formula 4095
Free Samples2
French Bacon2
Future Boys1
Future Is in the Future3
Future Police0
Gay Bar43
Gay Bar Part Two5
Germans In Mexico4
Getting Into The Jam2
Gimme the Eyes1
Good View of the Violence0
Graphic Designer4
Gun Rights0
Heartbeats and Brainwaves1
Heavy Woman2
Hello! I See You!3
I Am a Song!0
I Am Detroit0
I Am the Knife0
I Belong in a Factory3
I Buy The Drugs7
I Can Translate0
I Don't Like You0
I Go Through Phases0
I Got the Six (ZZ Top cover)0
I Invented The Night3
I Know Karate0
I Lost Control (Of My Rock 'n' Roll)0
I Need a Restaurant0
I Never Fucked Her2
I Wish This Song Was Louder0
I Wish This Song Was Louder (demo)0
I'm a Demon0
I'm on Acid0
I'm The Bomb11
I'm the Devil0
I've Seen Rio in Flames0
If U R Who U Say U R0
Immolate Me0
Improper Dancing6
Infected Girls8
Interchangeable Knife1
Iron Dragon1
It Ain't Punk Rock3
It Gets Hot2
It's Horseshit0
It's Showtime1
Jam It in the Hole2
Jessica Dresses Like Dragons2
Jimmy Carter6
Karate Lips0
Kids Are Evil0
Late Night Obama Food2
Lenny Kravitz1
Living on the Sexy Planet0
Love Song For Myself0
Lovers Beware1
Lucifer Airlines0
Making Progress3
Meat the Band0
Miss Peaches Wears An Iron Dress0
Mr. Woman0
My Idea Of Fun0
Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)14
Night Vision2
Nom de Plume1
Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)2
One (Harry Nilsson cover)0
One Sick Puppy0
Pink Flamingo3
Pleasing Interlude No. 12
Pleasing Interlude No. 23
Psychic Visions1
Pulling the Plug on the Party2
Radio Ga Ga (Queen cover)1
Randy's Hot Tonight3
Remote Control (Me)0
Rip It!1
Rock and Roll Evacuation4
Rock Show0
Rockets (Tomas Ford cover)0
Rubber Rocket4
Rubbin' Me The Wrong Way1
Satanic Wheels0
Self Destruct1
Serious Help0
Sexy Trash0
She's White9
Show Me What Your Lights Mean2
Simulated Love0
Skin Traps1
Slices of You6
Slow Motion Man0
Steal Your Bones1
Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White (Weird Al Yankovic cover)0
Table and Chairs1
Take Another Shape0
Take Me to Your Leader0
Take Off Your Clothes0
Talking Turkey0
Taxi to Nowhere0
Telephone Conversation0
The Afterlife0
The Ballad of MC Sucka DJ0
The Band In Hell3
The Freshman (The Verve Pipe cover)0
The Girls Want to Be with the Girls (Talking Heads cover)0
The Intergalactic Version0
The Living End1
The Look (Roxette cover)0
The Model0
The New Shampoo2
The Newark Airport Boogie1
The Number of the Beast0
The Rubberband Man0
The Warrior0
There's Something Very Wrong With Us So Let's Go Out Tonight0
Tiny Little Men0
Transatlantic Flight7
Turn Me Loose (Loverboy cover)0
Two Dollar Two1
Unnatural Beauty2
Vengeance And Fashion1
Waste Of Time And Money1
Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart3
We Don't Care0
We Use the Same Products1
We Were Witchy Witchy White Women4
When Cowboys File for Divorce0
When I Get to the Green Building7
White Eyes2
White Train3
Worst Movie Ever0
You're Bored1
Your Heat Is Rising3
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