Advertising on SongMeanings

  • Brand

    SongMeanings is one of the largest and most respected entertainment sites in the world. Users have shown strong loyalty to our brand due to ease of use, a clean layout and accurate data.

  • Metrics

    SongMeanings has over 1,800,000 licensed tracks. Our pages are served over 25,000,000 pageviews per month reaching over 8,000,000 users throughout the world.

  • Licensing

    We license well over a million tracks from various artists, record labels and copyright owners. All of our lyrics are legally licensed through LyricFind. When you are advertising with SongMeanings, you know your products & services are being displayed on a legal entity.

  • Social

    SongMeanings is involved with the major social networks. We are constantly updating our Facebook timeline, sending tweets and posting to Google+.

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    To immediately begin advertising, please contact our advertising team at

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