Lyric discussion by kimberlyw0 

I am intrigued by the other interpretation of this song, it is an amazing song for sure. Here are some of my ideas to add that maybe can be helpful to put together some puzzle pieces furthermore. It would surely be nice to just ask the song writer because I can personally say, as a researcher, I am very interested in how the songwriter is getting these ideas, or at least how I am seeing the symbology in the lyrics, surely.

Firstly, Malta is in Greece, and the Greek ways of life inspired many, and is an important part of history, and the development of it. The song could simply be about rebirth but I can't help but add my own notes to this.

During Cleopatra's reign in Egypt, where she worked with serpents, not as a weapon for your fist yet instead as a tool in her hand for finding liars as she made great decisions and needed to filter out liars with them.

Scarabs were symbolic of rebirth, a very important part of the religion at the time, and it sounds like the scarab for your mouth is symbolic of food for rebirth, even a serpent is seen as symbolic for rebirth in ancient Egypt and eating its own tail to explain such. At the same time we have Julius Caesar over in Rome, Cleopatra's husband. Julius Caesar, took Greek's ideas to Rome, built an empire, and a strong military.

Julius Caesar was supposed to go off to fight more wars, but as he became Dictator of Rome, he made enemies as well, gaining too much power. Some will say he was assassinated by his rivals, but there is much evidence that says Julius Caesar and Jesus (translation: Hail Zeus, the Greek name for God at the time) were the same.

Caesar/ Jesus decided to tell people "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God". Julius Caesar even thought "Jesus" was so influential that Jesus' face was on his money (odd, right?! doesn't that say a lot right there?!) But anyhow, Caesar faced backlash as he tried to tell people they didn't need to go to war, that they needed God and faith instead, but ended up on a cross being crucified instead and thus was the "but no soldier comes"...

There are so many more symbols in this song that lead me to really wonder what the song writer wants us to know, but this is pretty amazing to a researcher and scholar like myself.

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