Lyric discussion by mozammalhoque 

The song " Midnightly meet me by the shrubbery" is an English rendition of the popular Bangla song " Nishithe jaio fulo bone". The original Bangla song is a romantic one while this English rendition in Mozammal Hoque Tipu's lyrics is about hailing the environment and our responsibility to keep it safe.

So this is an ecological song in the guise of a romantic one. The singer or her lover is not the protagonist of the song - she is only the mouthpiece of the actual protagonist - the ecology.

The crucial need for an ecological balance is echoed in the metaphors like "oxygen", "truely friendly" etc.

The line "Into the woods step alone discretely" refers to our responsibility to keep safe the ecology, not to cause any harm to it. The same urge is pronounced in the subsequent phrases like " You should neither hurt a flora // Nor tear apart a flower // Nor you rile up a fauna // They should never be hurt // Shouldn’t be torn apart // Not even be riled up"

In the verse " The wild fauna - Let’em stay safe in the sanctuary - As in your heart my heart lies snuggly", there is one thing to notice, here the singer does not compare their love with the nature's elements' snuggly co-existence. Rather it is vice-versa. She rather personifies the "fauna" as the protagonist and compares the fauna - sanctuary relation with their love affair.

To conclude, the flora and fauna are the protagonists of the song and the singer is the mouthpiece of the protagonists. It is needless to say for our happy and healthy living we must care our environment and there should be more songs written on environment.

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