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I agree with everyone's opinion about this song being about chasing a dream. At the end she's right back where she started despite her perseverance and hope that she could change her life for the better. The song lyrics go in a circle, and at the end she is older and in a different place, but she sees the same cycle beginning to repeat itself.

I also think it's important to notice how throughout the song, she is the one who keeps getting jobs, and keeps trying to get promoted. She says things about the person she's with hopefully eventually getting a job, but they never do, it's always her. It makes it seem like she is the only one trying in the relationship, and maybe all this person has to offer is a fast car. Maybe in the end, she finally realizes that a fast car is all this person is good for, and that she needs a lot more than that to change her life.

I do think this song is more about self growth / hope / realization than a relationship, but it's still an interesting perspective to look at. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful song!!!

@meowowsyd It's not a circle though, in the end she is not where she started; she is in a much better place a better position in life. In the beginning, she was trapped and had to rely on the other person, the guy with a fast car, to get out of her situation. As you stated, she had the dreams, she got the jobs and the promotions, she made a better life for herself and her family. In the end though she found her own feet, she's telling the bum to either straighten up or get...

@meowowsyd I just re-read the song because of your beautiful insights and perspectives.

I noted that it was she who states "Maybe we'll make something? Me (myself,) I got nothing to prove."

She then uses "you" to refer to the owner of the car. It is never otherwise in this song.

She lulls him into the city, a life he may not have been able to afford.. Then she remembers her father. His wife left him, and left our main character with that father. She would never become the woman who left her man.

@Zygon I really don't want you to be right here, not saying you are are aren't. In the second to last verse, here's how I see it:

"You got a fast car I got a job that pays all our bills"

You have a fast car, that's all you have, that's all you've ever had. I have a decent job, I've grown from the put upon kid at the start of the song.

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