Lyric discussion by arlinco 

The song is about nostalgia. It’s because of nostalgia that he is talking to someone he was once in love with. But, it can be applied to anyone; someone you’ve had some sort of relationship with.

He has a desire for a simple moment where this person takes him somewhere only they know. In order to let him in, and talk about where their lives are going. To face the facts the life is flying, they are getting old, and though they’ve ventured with or without each other; enjoying all the pleasures of life. Now is the time to get real and realize that they both need something to rely on.

Whether if it’s on each other, their friendship, their love, their past, a moment, a gesture, anything, something. But, whatever it is, it has to be new beginning. They can’t end their relationship after everything that has already happened.

This is where the nostalgia really plays in, because things just aren’t the way they are. He wishes everything could stay the same, but that would only mean the end of everything. It would be an empty land that you could easily map like he could map the back of his hand. So, he wants to rely on something, some new beginning. And, he wants this new spark to begin somewhere…somewhere, where the first one began. “Somewhere only they know”. Maybe not the exact same place, but somewhere only they know.

oh, wow. Don't feel too nostalgic. We can only take so much from the past.

@arlinco this is excellent thank u

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