Lyric discussion by crowjanie 

what it means to me: she thought she finally found someone true, and fell in love with them. but the person had many walls built up, she tried to reach through them and show how much she cares. she thinks he is damaged and has a dark perception of the world. he doesn't really show himself.

she realizes she will never really get through to him. he won't let her. he doesn't, or can't really love her back. what she thought was inside of him really isn't there (but she loves him anyway).

she looks to him and sees "nothing" because what she originally saw in him doesn't really exist. and that "nothing" has become truth to her. she has to remind herself he can't give back.

i believe the "truth" she looks to him to see, is also the depressing realization that she can't look to someone else to make her happy. he taught her this sad truth.

she doesn't normally open up to people easily either, but she offered her heart to him, to be her home, and welcomed his. deep in his mind, he knows. he realizes how much she loved him, but it's too late. and doesn't matter. his heart is too protected, but he smiles knowing what she has given him.

...and she fades into him. i think this means she loved him so much he became everything to her. at first she looked to him as someone to make her happy, but ended up trying to be everything to make him happy. and lost herself. i think it also means that she begins to see the darkness in him, in herself. she is hurt and depressed and has lost hope. it's like looking in a mirror.

after everything she thinks it is strange he never knew how much she really wanted to care and how sincere she was and wanted to be the one to make him happy and for him to be the one to make her happy. what could have been. the hurt he was causing her. she loved him for what he was. he's too messed up and self-centered to appreciate it. or just didn't feel the same way.

i think it's about disappointment. a broken heart. and a damaged soul.

maybe the darkness also becomes part of what makes him so real to her. accepting truth in disappointment and hurt. he has damaged her, she can't trust her own perception of reality. and now she has to build her own walls. the song sounds final, like there is a loss.

i think she continues to love him from a distance, but she is done.

part of her believes she understood him and that he would have loved her if only he really knew. the other part of her knows the truth.

wow, i feel like yours matches my exact interpretation of the song. keep posting around!

if she fades into him, doesn't it become reflexive and mean that she's also just as guilty? or at least complicit. and do you think that they've got a chance in hell of makin' it once each has had their wounded soul wrapped in neosporn-smeared bandage?

i'd like to think so, but maybe that's the bleeding heart in me

Well, this is kind of my story............................

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