Verse 1 *(Bart)*

We on a paper chase!
I see it all through my third eye
you played it fast so we ??? push it worldwide
it's juss a mental suicide, Kamakazie
got the plug on this game, so we on the plane Friday
finally, its a mutha fuckin hit
clicks fists of four-fifths, Steady Mobb in this bitch
I see his eyes wide, his wig split up
on some murderous an half of his mutha
fuckin clan was on some other shit scramblin
them bullets through his skin tissue
it's America's host
you knew the game never fit you
it's all official
his last breath was on his line front
Immortalized, his time has come.

Chorus 2x *(Bart)*

Blood shot red my eyes
when the gun shots spread the skies it aint no where to hide
I swear to God, a credit card cant account for the hate
boy it's too late, theres no escape we already plannin ya wake.

Verse 2 *(Keek Da Sneak)*

Uh, break me down
roll me up an hit it
don't shake me now
take another hit, I want you to feel it
this the realest
this is what you'll be hearin through the backstreets, starrin
hit the baron
but dont forget, always check ya side views, an ya rear-end
niggas fearin, for the fact that you havin paper, an you dealin
ridin fetti, an a couple of hatas gon catch you when you aint ready
like Redman, take it ??? ??? from the back
to the head from lettin it seen ???
casket bed me
but instead me, I'ma live through it all
I spit an fall
I've been feelin like that since 2 Raw
like Above The Law
I was off that V-S
bitin titties through the bra
an nigga we juss
get a kick outta breakin the law
an then dig this
cuttie that be breakin me off
an I need this
so I'm tryin to snatch it all
its scratch an fall
I'd rather stay on top an ball
so my family is set when death calls.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3 *(Ridah of Mob Figaz)*

Now what they thought?
That I'd give up an get caught
after I
grab the nine an headed straight for the vault
when there aint never been a battle that I fought an lost
wit out my... opponnent bein traced out in chalk
but I still aint satisfied
so peep the rapid-fire
this'll be the day I die, fuck rappin, I'll retire
negotiators said he'll provide, the paper I desire
but he's a liar
an I'm tired of bein lied too
so we die too, when I ride through
bustin in wit the hostages
killin me, the guilt in me, fuck the cops an shit
spectators see the caper, holla "Stop this kid!"
but its too late
I fear no fate, plus shootin straight
an its funny
cuz all I ever wanted was some money
an someone to suck me like they had no teeth
now all of a sudden these mutha fuckas wanna know me
call me down, sayin "Ridah let the hostages free!"
But I'm on some, fuck the world shit, an I don't know
I guess I'm stressed off the bullshit.

Verse 4 *(FedX of the Mob Figaz)*

I done adapt to this enviroment
now they cant stop me
a Mob Figa, military tactics, menace to society
one of the chosen 5, that lead immortal lives
we snatchin all the pockets, breakin every bone in the closet
I'm out to get that data
the top-secret information got me took
I'm bendin every law in the book
I fled the scene wit two nines in the sky
zero you, now I'ma spray for no trace
an on the race to get the pap's
an pull the weapons
army fatigues an body vests
I'm restin for armageddon
wit the illuminati
tales of demise, it's 20th century we raised right
It's 3RD WARD!
Bustin hinges, an broken doors
intirigation, an infiltration on the 5

Chorus 2x

You know what I'm sayin?
We've known to hustle since the beginning of civilization
until this muthafucka
you know what I'm sayin.... burn out
that's all it's gon be
we aint did nothin but breed in this shit
you know what I'm sayin
young niggas... you know what I'm sayin... all of us,
you know what I'm sayin
all of us
get ya money, watch them lights
knock on you, knock on me
Fuck it, you know what Im sayin, til it's over wit
thug it out til the end of civilization
you know what Im sayin?
Against all odds
Until we die, ride until we die
mobbin it out, Money Ova Bitches
money ova all that shit
first priority, it's over all of it
niggas aint goin no where, we in this mutha fucka,
until this mutha fucka
go, until this mutha fucka burn out!
FUCK IT!! (echos out)

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