"14 Years" as written by W. Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Duff Rose Mckagan, Izzy Stradlin, Darren A. Reed and Matt Sorum....
I try and feel the sunshine
You bring the rain
You try and hold me down
With your complaints
You cry and moan and complain
You whine and tear
Up to my neck in sorrow
The touch you bring
You just don't step inside to, to fourteen years
So hard to keep my own head, that's what I say, you know
I've been the beggar
I've played the thief
I was the dog, they all tried to beat

But it's been
Fourteen years of silence
It's been
Fourteen years of pain
It's been
Fourteen years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again, well

Your stupid girlfriends tell you
That I'm to blame
Well, they're all used-up has-beens
Out of the game
This time I'll have the last word
You hear what I say
I tried to see it your way
It won't work today
You don't just step inside to, to fourteen years
So hard to keep my own head, that's what I say
You know, I've been the dealer hangin' on your street
I was the dog, they all tried to beat

But it's been
Fourteen years of silence
It's been
Fourteen years of pain
It's been
Fourteen years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again, well

Yeah it's been, oh no!

Bullshit and contemplation
Gossip's their trade
If they knew half the real truth
What would they say?
Well I'm past the point of concern
It's time to play
These last four years of madness
Sure put me straight
You don't get back fourteen years
In just one day
So hard to keep my own head
Just go away
You know, just like a hooker she said
Nothin' is free
Oh I tried to see it your way
I tried to see it your way

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"14 Years" as written by Saul Hudson W. Axl Rose

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    General CommentActually your all wrong. It's actually a song hitting out at critics who called them an overnight success and who say they would just be a flash in the pan. 14 years refers to the time spent as "the beggar" and "the thief" and as "as the dog... they all tried to beat" (possible referring to jailtime) and of course as "the dealer hangin' on your street". Basically all the shit the band went through before they were successful. The second verse refers to "stupid girlfriends" and parents who think they won't last long. The last verse is about the lies printed about their past (If they knew half the real truth what would they say) and the "last four years of madness" since the release of Appetite For Destruction when they became successful. At a 1991 concert in los angeles, axl introduced the song by saying "This is for all of those who, have the impression that we're any form of an overnight success, this is called 14 Years."
    paulmartinon February 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about Izzy and Axl's friendship, that, around 1990, had been going on for 14 years. Izzy had written this track, called Axl and Axl told him he was also writing one song called 14 Years. So, Izzy mixed his (which was finished) with some parts of Axl's and there you have it.

    Now, in 2006, this could very well represent GNR's situation:

    "I was the dog... they all tried to beat" - GNR was on top of the world by 1991

    "But it's been
    14 years of silence" - It's been 14 and a half years since GNR last released original material

    "It's been
    14 years of pain" - For us, GNR fans, seeing the original band break apart

    "Bullshit and contemplation
    Gossip's their trade
    If they knew half the real truth
    What would they say" - So many things have happened and only they know it. There has been so much speculation around GNR, yet none is particularly accurate

    "These last 4 years of madness
    Sure put me straight" - It's been 4 years since the failed 2002 tour. I hope they have really put Axl straight, cause I'm seeing GNR at Rock In Rio and I want Axl to show up

    Anyway, this is Izzy on top of his game. Great lyrics, probably the best out of all GNR songs, and he sound great singing as well.
    wwbon April 12, 2006   Link
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    General Comment14 years of silence, 14 years of pain... Sounds like one hell
    of a happy mariage, huh? It's damn miserable to have a woman
    who believes you're hurting her by just being a husband.
    Especially if that woman listens to her dumb friends who dunno
    a thing what's going on beteeen her and her man, but always try
    to give her profound advise on how she is mistreated, poor plus
    on how she deserves more just becuz she's a woman. God damn, it
    happened to me once, some really stupid people fitting their
    nose where it doesn't belong and messing things up, so I kinda
    feel this one.
    Lesteron September 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI know this for a fact.

    Izzy Stradlin sung this song, and I am almost positive he wrote the song.

    Izzy Stradlin was the first member of Guns N Roses to drop out. Steven Addler was kicked out for drug use and couldn't perform while recording Use Your Illusion One and Two, which is why they got Matt Sorum. Izzy Stradlin left Indiana with Axl Rose to L.A where they were in several bands together. Izzy Stadlin had to put up with Axl for many many years before he was fed up enough to walk away, leaving in the middle of the Use Your Illusion tour.

    On a final note, the band Guns N Roses got the name because the origional three who were in the band were Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, and Tracy Guns(Lead Guitarist). Tracy Guns, not being able to put up with Axl, left to form his own band called L.A. Guns. Which left the band without a Lead Guitarist and they already needed a bassist and a drummer.

    Moral of the story, Axl is a very difficult person to put up with and anyone would get fed up with him. Honestly, I'm impressed Izzy Lasted out as long as he did, because he was with Axl for such a long time and in multiple bands with him, such as AXL and Hollywood Rose.

    But that's besides the point. Lyrics are ambigious anyway, and what an artist intends isn't always how the listener interperets it. Each song means something different to each person, and no one person is more Right or more Wrong than any other person. Each view and opinion is legitimate, no matter how much an individual may disagree, it is still a valid one.
    Locke Dartillon April 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYou can defiantely tell this is a Rolling Stone/ Led Zeppelin influeneced song.
    Sprite1on December 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think the song pretty ambiguous, just like any song, and you cant say that its about this and not that.
    Lesteron April 24, 2003   Link
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    General Commentok inchianfreak, besides the 14 part wat makes u possibly think that is baout drugs, it isnt at all, its about wasting 14 long years of ur life with a good for nothing rottin cunt
    slickvicon May 10, 2003   Link
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    General Commentwell, howbout this and that: 14 years of excess (...) spent with ussless, worthless, ever-whining and moaning bitch? does that matter? gnr is fuckin great music and that music is gonna be around for the next couple of milleniums, thats all that really matters!
    Lesteron June 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIt's a hell of a song!!! And the beginning of it? With that drum shit? Just roxx
    Kizy GNFRFukinRoxxon June 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI really believe that Izzy (who sang the song) wrote this about Axl Rose, which is funny and ironic. And very true...hahaha the band referred to in the song could easily be Guns N Roses now lol
    michellew2kon October 04, 2004   Link

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