"Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)" as written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice and John Stoddart....

I only want to say
If there is a way
Take this cup away from me
For I don't want to taste its poison
Feel it burn me
I have changed

I'm not as sure, as when we started
Then, I was inspired
Now, I'm sad and tired
Listen, surely I've exceeded expectations
Tried for three years, seems like thirty
Could you ask as much from any other man?

But if I die
See the saga through and do the things you ask of me,
Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me, nail me to their tree
I'd want to know, I'd want to know, my God
I'd want to know, I'd want to know, my God
Want to see, I'd want to see, my God
Want to see, I'd want to see, my God

Why I should die
Would I be more noticed than I ever was before?
Would the things I've said and done matter any more?
I'd have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord
Have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord
Have to see, I'd have to see, my Lord
Have to see, I'd have to see, my Lord
If I die what will be my reward?
If I die what will be my reward?
Have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord
I'd have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord

Why should I die? Oh why should I die?
Can you show me now that I would not be killed in vain?
Show me just a little of your omnipresent brain
Show me there's a reason for your wanting me to die
You're far to keen and where and how, but not so hot on why

Alright, I'll die!
Just watch me die!
See how I die!
Then I was inspired
Now, I'm sad and tired
After all, I've tried for three years, seems like ninety
Why then am I scared to finish what I started
What you started, I didn't start it

God, thy will is hard
But you hold every card
I will drink your cup of poison
Nail me to your cross and break me
Bleed me, beat me
Kill me
Take me, now!
Before I change my mind

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"Gethsemane" as written by Tim Rice Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) song meanings
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    General CommentI think this song captures the absolute frustration Jesus is feeling at the time. It is expressive and is one of the few depictions of Christ in any form that really depicts him as a human with an unrelenting burden, not some ever calm, ever righteous perfect demigod.
    Almost converted me......almost
    Beltaneon March 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentvery moving..... yet still i aint christian
    jebediahpythonon September 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentListen to the version by Vanden Plas, a progressive metal cover with great singing and instrumentals~!
    LordZoshon April 20, 2012   Link
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    General Commentjohn farnam played jesus in a version in australia and he was so good it still moves me even now. He really gave it his all. This musical really annoys some christians because jesus is "too human" but isn't that kind of the point of why he was so good - the son of god living as a mortal to help others. i am not christian as such but i don't think jesus wasn't real or didn't do good, but maybe as judas says at the end - PR!
    freddysgirlon June 29, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti am i catholic, but i also love how this song potrays jesus. i guess that makes me a libral, but i don't care. i mean i know thatnot everything in the movie is 100% true, but the same can be said about the Bible. its not like it was being written while the events were happening, or came straight from heaven. truth is, i view all religion as a way of having hope. wouldn't you rather believe in a merciful god then absolutely nothing. it gives hope that death is not the end and that there is and ultimate reward. just to say, you know. srry bout getting off topic.
    celticgirl4on August 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe song embodies the essence of what Christianity is all about, or should be, self sacrifice and humility.

    Between Ted Neeley and Ian Gillan, although Ted is better I still prefer Ian.
    nothingbettertodoon October 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's Jesus' agony, knowing for most of his life how he was going to die and knowing that it's all going to start very soon. Imagine if you knew you were going to be crucified, nailed to a cross, I'm sure any person would be terrified at the thought of how painful that must be. So He prays and asks not to be crucified, instead. He was pleading, making his case (Surely I've exceeded expectations, could you ask as much from any other man?) Then He asks to see what will happen of He died, so that He could then decide whether He still wanted to go through with it or not... and when that doesn't happen, He gets angry, "Alright, just watch me die" until He realizes that it was God's plan, not His (Jesus') and gives in to God's will, trusting God's plan. But the end still shows that He's very afraid and knows that if it doesn't happen now, He still might end up changing his mind. It's like don't give me time to think any more, take me now while I am still willing.
    GBS326on April 11, 2018   Link

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