So then I got this idea about driving a cheesecake truck,
'Cause I figured at the end of the day,
I could take some of the leftover cheesecakes home
And I love cheesecake.
So I went to the cheesecake company
And they asked me if I could drive a truck
And I said "Yes"
And they said "You're hired!"
So the next day I got in the truck with all the cheesecakes
And I drove about a block and I just had to have a cheesecake
So I pulled over and opened the truck
And I got a cheesecake
And I also took another one for later
And I took one to bring home
And I took one for my friend Farm boy,
And by that time I had
Eaten one of the cheesecakes so I took another one.
Then I figured I might as well stop at my house
To drop off all the cheesecakes
So I take five cakes to eat on the way
and I drive another block and a half to my house.
Now it's lunchtime so I eat ten cheesecakes
And a cheesecake for desert.
I should point out by the way
That all of these cheesecakes were very delicious.
Anyway I decided that the only thing to do
Would be to eat all the rest of the cheesecakes
And hide the truck somewhere
And leave town.
And I miss everybody a lot
But I'm not really sorry,
'Cause they were very delicious cheesecakes.

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    General CommentHow strange... I also have a friend called 'Farm Boy'
    kazoospasmon June 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think you've missed something here guys,

    The guy in this song is clearly an analogy for Icarus.

    He dreams of driving a cheesecake truck, because he thinks it will give him access to "delicious cheesecakes" forever (his dream - a bit like flying) . but eventually after one or two cheesecakes, he starts eating loads and loads of them (i.e flying higher and higher) - he gets too greedy (, ie he flies too close to the sun) and is forced to dump the truck leave town altogether for fear of being arrested, (i.e. he gets burned by the sun, and crashes to a watery grave.)

    This is about how ALL of us always want more even though it destroys us, now matter how much we try to transcend ourselves with technology - in this case, a cheescake truck. I'm not quite sure how his friend Farmboy fits into this.
    icarusmaniacon July 27, 2010   Link
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    General Commentu cannot beat this song, its just so damn funny. and i wouldnt even call it a song, its more like a guy reading a poem with some funky music. he aint even singing, but its soooo damn funny.
    Dr_Rayon August 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI like this song because it's so random. It's just about nothing. It's can write songs about absolutely nothing and people will buy your album.
    SkankinSlackeron October 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHoly shit you have just blown my mind, maniac. It makes perfect sense. I think farm boy represents humanity (ie those 'boys' who run a society built around agriculture aka farms). Icarus saved some flying power (or 'a cheesecake') to share with the world but notice he keeps most of it for himself, a parallel of how even with technological progress there will always be a vast gap between the rich minority and the poor majority, who will see nothing of the fruits of progress.

    I also think the bit about the truck is really about transhumanism.
    Atolmazelon July 28, 2010   Link

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