Verse 1:
Slammin' down the block
Like forbidden knowledge
Fuck college, learned all about it
Punchin' up your mouth kid, unaffected
Pure wreck it, slam it to the wall
If it sticks, kick it till it's fuckin' dented
I wanna give a fuck, but God said to don't do that
Now who that tryin' to start somethin'
Sexual chocolate, I love that pussy, Armageddon comin'
I know on which side I'm gonna be on
All mighty yes I be, so don't PC me
cause everybody can go and flow freely
Power up to the underneath
I got a necklace made from President's teeth

I'ma do what I got to do to get thru
Rowdy true
Wild and true
Groove on, flow on, keep on, roll on
Till my soul move on
I'ma do what I got to do to get thru

Verse 2:
I can slam, I'm bustin' nutz
I don't give a fuck
What do you think about it
I cuss and bust and shout
Till my veins pop out, spit shoot out my mouth
I got that angel lust, put it all in your mouth
About time that my shotgun bustin' a rhyme
About time that these mutha fuckas
Learning that I'm, gonna being that real shit
You can feed your soul with Lung Fu Mo She
Chaos unlimited


I don't give a fuck what they say
It's all love
Every night, all day disobey
Fills my heart up when it's empty
Knowing they can't have me

I don't give a fuck what you heard
It's all love
From the life to the death, that's my word
Ain't no God that's gonna judge me
No them lies can't touch me

Verse 3:
Spillin' out my mind I got everybody
Jumpin' to the freestyle, live to die
Take it to the left, if you try and act
If you takin' five steps 36 mutha fuckas in
The mix cuttin' up, double time mutha fucka
One love mutha fucka, naked for the feelin', revealin'
Abstract mind all feelin' and I neva run
I got God on my side, plus the devil son
Buck 'em down little brother, buck 'em down
We gone bust and bust, there ain't no fuckin' around
They run, they run, they run
Cuz we dangerous, like notorious with a bag of angel dust
Ain't no man I trust
Cuz they greedy, greedy if you feelin' this
Shit, it's all love, believe me



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