Night before she's leaving, there's suddenly a change
She slowly sits beside me and she softly calls my name.
And gives me an address and she says to visit soon.
And yesterday she wouldn't notice that I was in the room.

I guess she stayed away 'cause it's so hard for her to say
We both had built our hopes up, but the love just slipped away.
She's worried I might try to burden her with all the blame
For breaking up my heart as if she had planned it from the start
Just 'cause that's the way some people do.

Oh, but I have been on her side of it, too,
So I said, "Don't feel ashamed, don't feel guilty for the pain.
Sometimes you build your hopes up and they fall back down again.
The time we had was magic and the love was not in vain.
And falling down's as common as the rain."

Something about me leaves you cold
Something even you don't know.
Don't think that it's wrong to go 'cause of what we had before.
Just leave me with those magic times; I'd rather keep you in my mind
Then see you try to fake the feelings, trying not to be unkind.

Oh now don't feel ashamed or feel guilty for the pain
Sometimes you build your hopes up and they fall back down again.
The time we had was magic, and the love was not in vain.
And falling down's as common as the rain.

The only thing for certain is that nothing stays the same.
And falling down's as common as the rain.

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    General CommentWow, did I really write that three years ago? A 2.5 year relationship filled that time, recently ended, and I listened to this song again. I understand it so much better right now.

    This is a prayer of utmost understanding and love. Love at its end cannot get any better than how this song describes it. When situations or feelings diverge and "the love just slips away", there's no sense in resisting it or being selfish about it, just continue to love -- not in the stereotypical needy fake 'romantic' sense, but in the most fundamental sense -- to wish someone to be truly happy, even if it means setting them free. That is true love.

    And to recognize in your own self the ability to continue, to know that life is ever-changing and that this is just a part of it. That this was not a waste or anything negative, but a magic time that had to come to an end. This is the definition of maturity and stability.

    A great song for anyone going through a breakup, preferably listen to it before it happens so you can understand it better when it does.
    triswebon June 17, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationOh is this the most beautiful David Wilcox song there is? Maybe! Just a beautiful sentiment-- the relationship is ending, but he has no regrets and no hard feelings. This girl didn't mean to fall out of love with him, it just happened, and he can't blame her for it. He's been there too. He still loves her because he understands that this happens all the time, and ultimately wants to make her feel better about the break-up.

    stickyshoes31on February 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is a heartfelt song about love that just falls apart. He is not righteous or dissapointed about it, not angry, not heartbroken, but kind and loving even in spite of falling down. It's something he realizes happens all the time, that's as common as the rain, and that it's alright.
    triswebon February 25, 2005   Link

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