serene dream
soft easy winter
watering the dry spots on the day
water leaves of gray
serene dream
spend nowhere with me

isn't far to nowhere
rise and feel the bomb of fountains land
close your eyes in front of nowhere
language of no words
spend nowhere with me

serene dream
free of thirst and pain
heavy turns to cake
serene dream
where the ethers speak

tall day
it's a tall, tall day
it's a tall, tall, tall day
spend nowhere with me

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    General CommentThis is honestly one of the most... gorgeous songs I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. "Serene Dream" is so fitting of a title... one of the most calming, serene songs I've heard, and a personal favorite of mine.
    NephilimXon July 13, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love to listen to this song as i try to sleep its just easier that way
    noitacilpmocon May 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI definately agree that this song is just beautiful.
    Tyler_S9Don February 01, 2005   Link
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    My InterpretationThere are a lot of metaphors in this song, and I shall try to make an interpretation.
    From the first sight and listening it is clear that the song is about the calmness of a dream that one may have when one's life is tranquil. Therefore, "serene dream soft easy winter" - there is a calm dream of the soft snow of winter, "watering the dry spots on the day" meaning the winter is almost gone, because the snow is melting down and and the day is stained by the purification aspect of the water, but seeing that the water is a recurring term in the song, it may signify the unconscious of the person who is taken by the peaceful dream. And all this happens into her unconscious. "Spend nowhere with me" it is an invitation for someone to take part in her serene dream, maybe a lover, a friend, or the conscious part of self, she is inviting her reality to dream on. But I like to see it from a romantic perspective, and I guess she speaks about her lover.
    The place that they may go is nowhere, this means that she is willing to go anywhere with him, as long as they are living together in this serene dream. She then describes the feeling when in a dream, she speaks about rising up, letting yourself be guided by the dream in that way you may feel the "bomb" of fountains land. It is a clear view of the land so tranquil, it doesn't say the color of the land, but earlier in the song she said something about "leaves of grey" which clearly defines the land as being a place in equilibrium, not dark, nor light, but in between, grey - as something in between dream and reality. One should close one's eyes and let oneself be guided into this land of nowhere, where feelings are exploding like bombs, and where there is no need to use words, there are only feelings. In a serene dream you are free of thirst and pain, nothing is heavy, nothing burdens you, you are happy, there where the air speaks, it is a tall day, an ascending feeling of quietness, happiness and love, because in the end, she invites "him" to spend nowhere with her.
    Isn't it amazing?
    Ana-Maryaon May 26, 2013   Link

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