Coast to coast I guess it's already takin' the nation
I ain't surprised if you don't know the situation well
But you can bet that I'll tell
Cause it's the b-i-g space s-o-u-l
I ain't the kind to be shoutin' a point that I'm relatin'
That ain't my style when I'm simply communicatin'
Ain't no red hot chili pepper tryin' to blow you out
And I ain't madonna
But people I'll tell you that I got plenty of clout
To rock out your funky bone
And when I'm done with the fun
Then you'll probably beg me not to leave you alone
Because you're gonna like it
When all I did was say a rap... And mike it
See I'm wheelin' and dealin'
By knowin' just how you're feeling
And by the way that you're reelin'
I guess it's all quite revealin'
It's pretty funny what a couple of funky beats can do
Especially when they're b-i-g soulin' to you

chorus :
The soulin', the soulin', the soulin'
The soulin', the soulin', the soulin'
The soulin', the soulin', the soulin'

Well women, how 'bout the message we get
From cosmopolitan magazine to the tv set
They say you better get movin' and get your looks up to date
They say you'd look a lot better
If you could be a bit underweight... By about twenty pounds
We know it's hard to do and we know how it must sound
But you should get with the plan if you...
Wanna be worth a damn
I know you're relatin' and hearin' what I'm conversatin'
And it's seemin' to me we need another round of liberatin'
Don't have to join the beauty sorority
It's time to make our souls the priority
You see what I'm sayin' over the beats that are playin'
Is that my womanhood ain't a commodity to be displayin'
You'll have to pardon me if all of it's true
But I just can't help myself from b-i-g soulin' to you


Don't even bother to fake it, you ain't dumb
You're catchin' on, see, cause you know where I'm coming from
I don't gotta shout to lay it on you without a doubt
Cause you know the a to z of what it's all about
I got the passion, I don't need to cash in
I got the will to do it in my own fashion
And now it's appearin' that what I'm saying you're hearin'
And what I'm wearin' - hey! - it's simply not interferin'
You know I'm happy to help you with settin' your mind free
But when I'm finished with that I'm obliged to get funky
So you gotta get on, see
You must gotta keep me in mind when makin' your policy
You're doin' okay, g, and be as it may what can I say ?
Just keep it goin' and take it away
You're movin' and shakin' and yes you know what to do
Because I'm rumblin' and rollin' and b-i-g soulin' to you


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