Sep Au Hetep
Ab Au Mekhar Gau t Metkh
Mekhar t Khhert Ua an Aqu
Mekri Sau t Athien Hapti
Tehm Er Sa Msa
I Call Upon Thee My Father Amun
For I am in the midst of A Multitude of Foes
Abandoned by the Legions of Amun and Ra
Engulfed by the Heat of the Fire
Blood of the Impure
Drips from my Weapons
Dismembered Armies Rot in the Sun
Mekhi Kherit Au Aqu
Mtun thai Peten Nekht An Aqu

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Multitude of Foes song meanings
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    Song MeaningThese lyrics deal with the epic tale of the battle of Kadesh, in year 5 of the reign of Ramses the Great, about 1274 BC. They are derived from Ramses II personal account of the battle, preserved in an epic poem that is repeated in eight inscriptions in the temples of Karnak, Luxor, Abydos and the Ramesseum, as well as a shorter version called sometimes "The Report" or sometimes "The Bulletin". This account emphasizes his personal bravery in achieving a single handed vitory, but the Hittite record, inscribed in tablets in their capitol city of Boghazkoy, also known as Hattusas, relate a different story. Ultimately, the Egyptians and the Hittites came to terms with a trade provisions and a non-aggression pact with a mutual promise to come to each others aid should one of their nations come under attack from a third party. Despite the stalemated conclusion of the war, each side boasted of complete and heroic victory over the other.
    MedinaSodon July 13, 2013   Link

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