"God Shuffled His Feet" as written by and Brad Roberts....
After seven days
He was quite tired so God said
"Let there be a day
Just for picnics, with wine and bread"
He gathered up some people he had made
Created blankets and laid back in the shade

The people sipped their wine
And what with God there, they asked him questions
Like, do you have to eat
Or get your hair cut in heaven?
And if your eye got poked out in this life
Would it be waiting up in heaven with your wife?

God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them
The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

So he said "once there was a boy
Who woke up with blue hair
To him it was a joy
Until he ran out into the warm air
He thought of how his friend would come to see
And would they laugh, or had he got some strange disease?"

God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them
The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

The people sat waiting
Out on their blankets in the garden
But God said nothing
So someone asked him "I beg your pardon
I'm not quite clear about what you just spoke
What that a parable, or a very subtle joke?"

God shuffled his feet and glanced around at them
The people cleared their throats and stared right back at him

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"God Shuffled His Feet" as written by Brad Roberts

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    General CommentIts very sad when u see a great song like this just sitting here without comments. Crash Test Dummies is the best band i have seen in a long time. Most people judge them too fast because of the deepness of the lead singers voice. I honestly will never tire of hearing this song. His voice is just great to me. People need to appreciate good music more!
    AngelSatan03on August 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentMy $0.02 :

    1: God creates the universe and gives mankind everything that is great.
    2: On top of all that, he sets aside some time to do absolutely nothing but enjoy paradise.
    3: Mankind starts to ask questions about what life is like somewhere else.
    4: God reflects their question in a parable:
    a: Boy wakes with blue hair and thinks its great.
    b: Boy worries about having to explain it and decides it might not be so great.
    5: The people don't get the message.

    The parable from God's perspective:
    a: God created something great.
    b: Now people want him to explain it and it might not be so great to have to go through all that.

    It's like demanding that a magician who just entertained you for an hour should now explain all of his tricks. Everyone was happy, why spoil it? Why do you need more than paradise?
    drotellion September 18, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationWhoah! I am shocked how many of you totally got it wrong.

    The song is about the nonsense story of God and how people believe it based on ludicrous stories from the bible that explain nothing. In other words, when you try to seek answers from religion, you are either met with no answer or stories that explain nothing. The song starts with the sound of a broken record, get it?

    Just look at the video of the song on YouTube. You will see that in the end, the angry questioners, eager for a response, see that the operator of God is just a man behind a curtain. In other words, the Bible, the answers religious folks give to the meaning of life, are just a charade put on by other humans. It's a hoax, a rip-off.

    Owing to this, it is a really great song.
    unbelievablelineson September 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don’t think this song is even about God. It’s about the people who supposedly believe in him. It’s ironical that they believe in him, but have so many uncertainties, so many questions. If you believe in God, why so unsatisfied in his presence; why ask about heaven when God is right there in the picnic with you? That’s so stupid.

    The puppet show in the music video was obviously just a puppet show. Yet people went to see the show to be reassured, asking questions to something that was obviously just a puppet. Again, that symbolizes how people can be really stupid.

    This song is a mockery to all those people who believe in God but only do so because of a reward, not from the sincerity in their hearts. Sad to say some of the most horrible people you meet are very religious ones or those who claim to be believers (not all of course). On another note, some people only believe in God to further their own desires and ambitions; they would only believe in him in the condition that they get what they want.

    Near the end of the music video, the kid who was disappointed that the puppet was just operated by a person (duh!) walks out disappointed and fails to see the drunk, homeless man. The songwriter in this song, regardless of his own beliefs, is not trying to convince people that there is no God. The main star of the song is people. What this song is less about is whether or not there is a God.
    Godshuffledhisfeeton December 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFYI — The Crash Test Dummies are devout atheists. This song is about the fact that people have all of these questions for “God” and want to know what he wants us to do, but we never get a response. What communication we supposedly receive from him is unclear and open to endless interpretation (i.e. the Bible). Instead of answering our questions, he “shuffles his feet.” The underlying point being: There is no God. Sorry to ruin it for you guys.
    gsmithon September 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentOK, there are some good interpretations here, here's an off-the-wall thought.

    Maybe Brad Roberts wanted to show how easy it would be to come up with his own Creation story.

    The premise of the song is very similar in overall theme to the fall of Adam and Eve, in a primitive way.

    Adam & Eve have paradise, and squander (by not following the rules regarding Tree Of Knowledge of Good & Evil).

    The people have paradise, adn squander (by not following the rules, day was meant for picnics and not absurd questions).

    He then shares with the people a parable about their stupidity. The Blue-Haired Boy has a wonderful gift of Blue Hair, loves it, is excited. But he doesn't enjoy it, and instead worries about things that aren't that important.

    In the end, the point of this song is to accept your situation with happiness and wonder, rather than needlessly analyzing and worrying about the minutiae.

    Guitarearlon November 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentGreat song! I enjoyed reading all the responses, but have to agree with the latter few. Gsmith hit it, however I'd rather not think the others have blinders on. After all, the lyrics are rather open ended which suites the real meaning. God doesn't answer questions; never has. People open their hearts to God for answers, often after forking over cash to the church. But at best they get a parable that can be interpreted however they wish and most likely God is a puppet controled by mortals behind curtains. Of course the puppet seems like a dunce with no answers because preachers have no more answers than the next fellow. If there is a god, He is quite silent on the matter. So very well written, thanks!
    ScoutEyeon January 16, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is poking fun at god. the whole album is, think of it, the cover, the songs "God Shuffled his feet" and some of the lyrics in the other songs suggest this too.
    Andrewhillyon October 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAnother possibility...I'd call it a nested parable. If you look at the "Blue-Haired Boy" story as the "Blue Hair" that God is proud of telling to the people, then they pretty much rain on his parade by asking him about the deeper meaning.
    Guitarearlon November 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentPeople are looking in the wrong places... asking the wrong questions... ignoring one another.
    Godshuffledhisfeeton December 09, 2011   Link

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