"Don't Take The Girl" as written by and Craig M./johnson Martin....
Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin'
When he was eight years old

Little girl came through the front gate
Holdin' a fishin' pole
His dad looked down and smiled
He said, "We can't leave her behind"
"Son, I know you don't want her to go
But someday you'll change your mind"
And Johnny said
"Take Jimmy Johnson
Take Tommy Thompson
Take my best friend, Bo
Take anybody that you want as
Long as she don't go
Take any boy in the world
Daddy please, don't take the girl"

Same old boy, same sweet girl
Ten years down the road
He held her tight and kissed her lips in
Front of the picture show
Stranger came and pulled a gun
Grabbed her by the arm said
"If you do what I tell you to
There won't be any harm"
And Johnny said "Take my money
Take my wallet
Take my credit cards
Here's the watch that my Grandpa gave me
Here's the key to my car
Mister give it a whirl
But please don't take the girl"

Same old boy
Same sweet girl
Five years down the road
There's gonna be a little one and she
Says it's time to go
Doctor says the baby's fine
But you'll have to leave
'Cause his momma's fading fast and
Johnny hit his knees and there he prayed
"Take the very breath you gave me
Take the heart from my chest
I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me
Make this my last request
Take me out of this world
God, please don't take the girl"

Johnny's daddy
Was taking him fishin'
When he was eight years old

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"Don't Take the Girl" as written by Craig Martin Larry Johnson

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    General CommentThis is the song that made me like Country Music. This song is such a powerful story about two people who've known each other their whole lives. And there is NO sweeter lyrics than the last verses of this song where the man offers to give his life.
    Emo_ezraliteon May 26, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"He held her tight and kissed her lips in
    Front of the picture show", yeah don't quite think it's about a brother and sister.
    Jenr404on December 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOne word to describe this one... Beautiful
    Shattud Dreamson June 28, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Don't Take the Girl" is sung by Tim McGraw and tells the story of two young lovers dealing with difficult scenarios at three different stages in their lives. In each situation, the man does all he can to make sure different people "don't take the girl."

    In the first verse, the young man (Johnny) is eight years old, fishing with his father. A young, un-named girl, believed to be Johnny's age, is also present. Johnny does not want the girl to come fishing with them, so he begs his father to "take any boy in the world / Daddy please, don't take the girl".

    The song's second verse portrays another situation, ten years later, wherein Johnny and the girl are returning from their date at the picture show (movie theater). They are stopped by a lone robber. He grabs the girl and tells Johnny to give in to his demands. Johnny surrenders his money, wallet, credit cards, his grandfather's watch, and car so that the girl would be safe.

    Verse three takes place another five years after the second verse. At this point, Johnny and the girl are now married, when the girl is rushed to the hospital to have her baby delivered. The baby is safely delivered, but the doctor says that the wife is "fading fast" (presumably dying of complications). Johnny then hits his knees and prays to God, asking that his own life be taken instead of his wife's. In the music video, it is revealed that Johnny's wife and child both survive." taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Surfacingon October 16, 2009   Link
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    General Commentim not quite sure where you get that its about a brother and sister. i hope youre not into stuff like that
    getquickon November 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is sooooooooooooo cute . I love it . I makes me cry most of the time I hear it
    anthonysangel1234on July 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSoo what happened to the Mom? DID she die? Or did she make it through?
    Agumon1808on October 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhen i was going out with my ex a guy came up in school and tried to take her away from me(not like kidnapp more of a "i want her so ill take her) i told him that he would have to go through me and he tried but didnt suceed. then she called me and said thank you. i told her to play that song. then she understood. i am still looking for a girl that will listen to me when i say stuff like that.(i am 15)
    coolit13on January 04, 2009   Link
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    General Comment-Johnny's dad was taking him fishin' Johnny wanted to take anything in the world just not the girl.
    -10 years later Johnny and the girl were at the drive in movies and a stranger came and held the girl hostage and robbed Johnny and he said take anything just not the girl.
    -5 years later Johnny amd the girl are at the hospital the girl was pregnant amd dieing at while giving birth to Johnny's baby Johnny took a knee and prayed please lord take me instead of her.
    The ending was either the girl named her son Johnny and the song says "Johnny's dad was taking him fishing when he was 8 years old." Maybe Johnny Sr.'s dad took Johnny Jr.(Johnny Jr. is the girls son) fishing because the lord answered Johnny's prayer. Or the other ending could be Johnny Sr. was taking his son Johnny Jr. fishing and Johnny Jr.'s mother (the girl) really did die. Either way its a great story in the song!
    wilson21on October 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song simply brings tears to my eyes when it say's he hit his knees, it really cut's deep
    spockernationon March 02, 2015   Link

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