Life and love and why
Child adult then die
All of your hoping and all of your searching for what?
Ask me for what am I living and what gives me strength that i'm willing to die for

Take away from me this monstrosity
'Cause my futile thinking's not gonna solve nothing tonight
Ask me for what am I living and what gives me strength that I’m willing to die for

Could it be this?
Could it be bliss?
Could it be all that I ever had missed?
Could it be true?
Can life be new?
And can I be used?
Can I be used?

Give me a reason for life and for death
And a reason for drowning while I hold my breath
Something to laugh at a reason to cry
With everyone hopeless and hoping for something to hope for
Yeah, with something to hope for

Could it be true?
Can life be new?
Could it be all that I am is in You?
Could it be this?
Could it be bliss?
Can it be You?
Can it be You?

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Life And Love And Why song meanings
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    General CommentThis is about the common struggle to search for why we all live, why we're all here. The writer is contemplating whether or not He *God* put us here and if that's what he's willing to say he's here for.
    lossocklaundrmaton June 05, 2002   Link
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    General CommentWe all have doubts of whether or not lving for God is the best way to go. But the fact of the matter is that living for Christ is the only thing that provides us with a purpose. Everything else a person may live for will either fade away quickly, or not truly fulfill a person. When we do doubt, it is important to remember how God has changed our lives, and why we need Him so much. There are so many reasons!
    daniela5586on June 06, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIn my humble opinion, i that when Jon wrote this, he was thinking about ending his life. "Child adult then die / All of your hoping and all of your searching for what?" speaks of the hopelessness often encountered in life. But he has found hope, and wants nothing more than to loose the darker feelings mentioned during the verses. This is my personal favorite Switchfoot song, and has helped me through many, many tough times.
    Vanillicon September 23, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, i cant blive theirs not as many posts as i thought their would be!
    Vee_Sweeton February 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is basically giving listeners the meaning of life. Everyone has the thoughts of "life and love and why". Life is simply "child, adult then die". However Jon Foreman offers more in this song by providing the answer, God. Summed up in "could it be all that I am is in You?" All we are is in Jesus Christ and as a result that is the point of our existence.
    shirvson January 30, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"Can I be used" spread the gospel perhaps?
    Oh! Emilyon February 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI thought that this song was about going threw the part of life when you really wonder who you are, all the stuggles that come with that time & mostly, finding that one person, a friend, a lover, family or God-for those who believe-, who helps you threw that time & who understands and loves you so much.
    TBHon May 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOh! Emily. I believe the lyrics are meant to convey a feeling of being alive. When he says "used" I believe he means it to be the opposite of new. He is asking if life can ever seem new again or if life can seem like everyday is a new day again even though he has felt like he has been put through the ringer and dulled.
    sean1on August 08, 2007   Link

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