Won't you understand
that we don't give a shit what you demand
your values never meant anything to us
we don't give a shit

petitions signed, parents standing in a line
just to stop their kids who wanna hear
what we have to say

when you were a little younger
your dream was to become a rocker
now it seems that it's what you hate
i never will
go to hell
it's what my friends want me to tell
what you do is what i hate
i hate you

Go away, i don't want you on my tape
Go away, i don't want you in my face
Go away i don't want you on my tape
fuck the pmrc

tipper won't you understand
the message that i want to say
it's kind of rude but here it goes it's fuck you
i don't like what you do
and i don't like you

Go away, i don't want you on my tape
Go away, i don't want you in my face
fuck the pmrc

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    General CommentI can't believe that Pierre actually sang this. I can't imagine him saying swears.

    But anyway, this song is pretty much self-explanitory, it's just saying that this guy wants the person he hates to go away.
    ruinedfirecrackeron June 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHAHAHAHA! that's hilarious, you called them swears! lol, yeah but this song is a great song about people letting them be who they are and not trying to change them just because they're different
    rockinallnighton December 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPierre always swears. If Lava Records didn't make them not swear on their albums.. Simple Plan would have a lot of swearing on their albums. The original demo of I'm Just a Kid had him saying "What the fuck is wrong with me?" instead of "What the hell is wrong with me?"
    .Simple.Reset.on February 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhat! really! thats awesome! How did u find that out? Lava records suck....gah.....whatever happened to the freedom of speech! Thats what was so great about reset. They said whatever the hell they felt like!
    applespongeon April 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdoubtful lava records doesn't let them curse in their music, i just think they choose not to but they have had mild swearing like "damn" but that's it... haha
    kmjeon August 12, 2007   Link

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