What's the season of love if you can't have everything
what's the reason of love if you can lose everything
What's the meaning in a crime? It's a crime if anything.
What's the meaning of love?It's a grand, it's a grand.

How can a culture can forget it's plan of yesterday
and you swear it's not a trend, doesn't matter anyways
there's no need to talk to friends, nothing new is everyday.
you could shit upon the stairs, you'll be friends

All the kids will eat it up, if it's packaged properly.
Should it subtlely irritate, keep it movin' equally.
All I know is just the fact, where the world is nowadays
An idea is what we lack, doesn't matter anyway

All the kids will eat it up, if it's packaged properly
Still the son will imitate, keep it fallin' equally
All i know is just the facts, where the world is nowadays
An idea is what we lack, doesn't matter anyway

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    General CommentSome of these lyrics are wrong. here are the lyrics strait from Kurt Cobain: Journals, which is one of the best books ever.

    whats a season in a right
    if you can't have anything
    whats the reason in a rhyme
    if a plan means anything
    whats the meaning in a crime
    it's a fan if anything
    wheres a leaning in a line
    it's a brand it's a brand

    how a culture comes again
    it was all here yesterday
    and you swear it's not a trend
    doesn't matter anyways
    they're only here to talk to friends
    nothing new is everyday
    you could shit upon the stage they'll be fans

    all the kids will eat it up
    if its packaged properly
    steal a sound and imitate
    keep a format equally
    not an ode
    just the facts
    where our world is nowadays
    an idea is what we lack
    it doesn't matter anyways

    Just wanted to clear that up. I think this song is about bands that make songs by imitating other bands and making music that will sell records and it's also about music fans that like meaningless, prepackaged music.
    jamiethomas3333on May 09, 2003   Link
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    General CommentHow come incesticide is so overlooked? I listen to this one the most out of all of Nirvana's cds'. It has some really great songs on it, including this one. Check out incesticide if you have'nt!!
    KIM04on May 19, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti agree with jabbatron, awesome drums but unfortunately dave grohl did not play them, this is their pre-nevermind, pre-grohl era and chad channing still played drums on this track, check out bleach and incesticide if you haven't already, some of their hardest rocking shit is on those albums
    punkrockisfreedomon April 18, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis site annoys me, and so do you people who say things that you don't know about. Having an opinion on what it means is one thing, but stating things as facts is just so wrong. If you don't know something, don't say it... You are only misleading people with false information.

    First off, the lyrics on the main page are not only very wrong, but they are stupid and they make no sense. Many of them aren't even close. Read the post by "jamiethomas3333" on page 1 who has the lyrics pretty right, and also explains exactly what the song is about.

    PuppetStringWorld, You can find the album in lots of places. Use "The Internet".

    Stuckinutero on 08-11-2002 @ 03:45:25 PM
    "The song has no meaning"
    /end of quote

    There is a meaning. Just because you don't know what it means, doesn't mean it has no meaning.

    To all you people saying Aerosmith suck, and also this person:
    by Line on 04-05-2003 @ 05:08:44 PM
    Well Nirvana was pretty anti cock rock and all that macho shit floating around. Kurt may have liked those bands when he grew up but I doubt he was a fan in his later years. I see this song more as a criticism than a tribute. Of all the bands I remember Kurt having mentioned as an influence I don't ever recall either of Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith mentioned. All I can recall is The Pixies, Vasolines, Black Flag, Black Sabbath....
    /end of quote

    You don't know Kurt very well then. Aerosmith started out in 1970, as a serious hard rock band, and they stayed like that for many years. The Aerosmith you hear today, doing cheesy ballads for movies and stuff, is not the Aerosmith Kurt is referring to. He is referring to the rock n roll band that all real Aerosmith fans know about. He mentioned them numerous times, he was a big fan, he listed them in his top 100, and there is even a video interview where he talks about going to see them live.
    As for Led Zeppelin, he worshipped them. He played covers of them in the early days, and you can even find live recordings of Nirvana playing Led Zeppelin songs. I have at least two covers he did, Dazed and Confused, and Heartbreaker. He loved them, they all loved them, and he has talked about them in various interviews.

    ac/dc on 05-08-2005 @ 10:22:55 AM
    chad diddnt play drums, this is their 3rd CD..after nevermind.it was dave grohl
    /end of quote

    Wrong. Did you even buy this album? If you did, open the sleeve and read it.

    OpiumForThePeople on 05-18-2005 @ 05:21:43 AM
    None of the songs on Incesticide are new recordings. Thats waht I meant.

    You were right about the first part, but wrong about that bit. Only some of the songs were old songs. The majority were new. Again, read the sleeve. It tells you what is what and from when.

    by JosephWolf on 07-02-2005 @ 09:39:22 PM
    /end of quote

    It's now 14 years since the band ended and people still love them, do you STILL think it's a trend? :P
    ilikethepixieson September 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAll the kids will eat it up, if it's packaged properly.
    like eminem's lyrics...
    whitepoetton August 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentPersonally I think the song is talking about how the society at the times the kids weren't going anywhere. They were just going through life buying what they wanted not thinking about what they should and shouldn't do and what they beleive. Also I don't really know what he means "You could shit up they stage they'll be fans". Most would think Kurt meant that. I don't think he meant they give you shitty music because Im pretty sure Kurt realized music was all oppinionated and beleived in the whole concept of beauty in the eye of the beholder stuff. It could be geared towards just the idea that people get less and less and still put up with it.
    dandaman2206on June 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis to me appears to be about fads or "trends." Kurt seems to be saying that throughout the 20th and 21st centry people have mindlessly been following trends. He could also be talking about how repetitive history seems and how it's dehumanizing society. Either way, it's still a good song. I'm not sure if my interpretation is correct, but at least it's an attempt, considering that nobody else seems to want to say anything about it.
    Grunger83on May 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYES! Incesticide is a great album. Hairspray Queen is a really cool song too. Im pretty sure the title of this song comes from 2 of Kurts adolescent favourite bands...Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin???
    plastic tiaraon July 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commentincesticide is a great albim and every song on that cd is great and has great meaning yea and i also think thats how the name was made.
    unshutablepain666on July 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentMy fave. album is "In utero" but Insecticide comes in a close secound.
    fuckyouallon August 05, 2002   Link

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