"Firewoman" as written by Ian Robert Astbury and William Henry Duffy....
Wound up, can't sleep, can't do anything right, little honey,
Oh, since I set my eyes on you
I tell you the truth
T-t-t-twistin' like a flame in a slow dance, baby
You're driving me crazy
Come on, little honey, come on now

Fire, smoke she is a rising
Fire, yeah smoke on the horizon
Fire, smoke she is a rising
Fire, oh smoke stack lightning, smoke stack lightning

Well, shake it up, you're to blame, got me swayin' little honey
My heart's a ball of burnin' flame
Oh, yes it is
Prancing like a cat on a hot tin shack,
Lord, have mercy come on little sister, come on and shake it

Fire, smoke she is a rising
Fire, oh smoke on the horizon
Fire, smoke she is a rising
Fire, oh smoke stack lightning baby

I was thinking what I've been missing
I'll tell you truthfully, well
She's coming close now
Oh, I can feel her

She's getting close to me
And I never, yeah
Fire, smoke, she is a rising
Fire, oh smoke on the horizon
Fire smoke, she is a a risin', risin', risin' fire
Smokestack lightnin'

Aj-j-j, burnin' out
And shake it, baby
Come on and burn it

I say, send down fire to me
Say, send down fire to me, say, send down fire to me, yeah

Fire woman, you're to blame
Fire woman, you're to blame
Fire woman, you're to blame
Fire woman, you're to blame

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"Fire Woman" as written by William Duffy Ian Robert Astbury

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  • +3
    General Commentthis is one of my favorites cult songs!Just Great Song! Is About a dangerous womam, IMO.
    You Have To here it at some live concert! sounds more powerful !
    squeeze_my_lemonon June 20, 2003   Link
  • +3
    General CommentMy favorite song by The Cult. "twisting like a flame in a slow dance"Twisting like flame, a flame kind of moves around and is usually a bit wild. The woman is abit wild. In a slow dance she is the most into it or the wildest or most the noticeable person there. Those are my two cents.
    pringles21on November 26, 2009   Link
  • +2
    General CommentThe Cult have a unique way of being overly simplistic, but still rock. The lyrics are similar to a Jerry Lee Lewis song, or something from a time when music wasn't vulgar. I think this is cool and shows class. The music to this song kisks ass, and has just the right feel.
    rineheitzgaboton January 29, 2007   Link
  • +1
    General Commentthe sparks from steam locomotives were visible at night and were called smokestack lightning--in the mid-50's Howlin Wolf said "smokestack lightning, shining like gold"--the Yardbirds covered Smokestack Lightning in the mid-60's--I bet you at least one member of The Cult loved the song when he was a kid.
    generalnewcombon November 30, 2013   Link
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    General Commentthis is a good song.. luv it!
    in_love_with_joeon June 07, 2003   Link
  • 0
    General Commentsong of pure lust. this could be one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever. YOWZA!
    hangwire13on January 16, 2006   Link
  • 0
    General Commentmost powerfull song ever!!!
    black eyedon September 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis just might be the most rockin' song of all time! Almost no one else I know knew of this song but loved it after just the first verse.
    La_Grange57on July 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSome of the Cult's lyrics are cool but this seems very generic, Twistin' like a flame in a slow dance is about the only thing you might not have heard in a song before. But what does that mean? How does a flame twist and why a slow dance and then how does one twist like that anyway.
    superfreak30328on June 02, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationstripper song
    in the 80s, before they did acrobatics on the pole, they just kinda slowly danced like a twisting flame
    come on little honey, shake it!
    jackhandeyon July 18, 2017   Link

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