Takes notes from a movie box Make a list of what I need Remember who you are, remember who you are But then, I can't feel good about anything And just when i get something started I read or hear something, that makes me forget My confidence or honesty What are my motives are they selfless enough, Are they righteous, righteous enough? Then before I get started, I get all fucked up Can't get sick of thinking about meaning or language or anything that gets me hot Make up who you are, it makes up who you are Then I found myself dancing alone in my room I was writing in my journal, playing records When i felt my shoulders slide from side to side I found the bass in my hips Being alone brings courage and strength of mind Take off your shirt and watch TV Remember who you are, and make up who you are But then I just want a public place Where girls can meet each others stare Sometimes that;s what it takes just to know you're alive To feel yourself burning just from some girl's stare My that's a strange costume Slip your fingers under my belt Put up signs to make up who you are Send out signals telling who you are Transmit messages about who you are No matter who you are

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    General CommentCan't believe nobody commented on this one yet. Well, I'll be the first, then... THIS IS AWESOMENESS!! One of the best songs on CMC, me thinks...

    Dunno EXACTLY what it means, but I think it's about keeping it real. Being the person you were always meant to be, without trying to hide. That's really important, as far as I can see. Team Dresch knocks my bloody socks off!! *Screams on top of longues*


    OK, I'm officially the most annoying grrrrl ever. I'll go away now... *Gwirleybee has left the building*.
    Gwirleybeeon March 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song has the most beautiful and incredible lyrics I've ever heard. It's just perfect. There's something about Team Dresch that is really innovative, yet real and the lyrics are the best proof of that. Yeah it is about being who you are basically but I don't like trying to comment on really poetic lyrics. This is certainly soo poetic that you can feel the feeling and frustration they had while writing the song. You get the feeling and the meaning when you read or listen to it. Every line of this song makes my heart hurt and beat faster.
    salvoon January 09, 2007   Link

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