My crimson covered hands clutch heart strings newly broken.
Moths breed in my entrails hate washes through my fucking veins.
Friendship turns to disease, afflicting the weak of mind and heart.
You are the growing cancer, eating at my fondest memories.

Seven abandoned years thwart all affection.
Why do your whispered lies push fingernails into my palms.

The knife slipped in. Pushed by the most familiar hands.
I fell upon the comfort of your words.
A flash of light taught me a lesson in betrayal.
I fell upon the solace in your smile.
Seven wasted years. Boiling in vomit.
I will erase you. I will erase you from this heart.
From my memory I cut away.
You’re just a name to me. A friend is now a ghost.

I will never give again.
You have forsaken any faith I had in you.
All the love I had for you.

I am reborn. Baptized in flame.
Clean of your deceitful looming.
Friends are beneath me. I can’t face this pain again.
I’ll die alone, but at least i’ll know who loves me.

I am a shadow of myself pent up in walls of human shit.
Annihilating anything that bears your name.
I am a hollowed wooden shell made strong by that which I abhor.
Committing only to creating your demise.

And so I pray for sleep and to see anything but red.
All purpose has been drained from me.
A friendship ends in pain. Morose claims my every word.
All trust has been carved out of me

Seven wasted years boiling in vomit.
I will erase you. I will erase you from this heart.
From my memory I cut away.
You’re just a name to me. A friend is now a ghost.

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    General CommentThis song sucks, this band suckssss. I saw them in STL, and they were HORRIBLE. First off, the bassist's shiny black outfit was really gay and retarted looking, the skinny guitarist looked like the biggest poser/fagggggot ever. awww poor dark messed up skinny guitarist boy... life has given you what it has given you, stop lying to yourself bud, you are just a douchebag, accept it and try and make yourself better. The lead singer thought he was really bad-ass in his trenchcoat, but sorry buddy, you look like a big ugly piece of shit. Seriously, your ugly looking, and the way you moan into the microphone, spilling out your lyrics like your band is just creative and soo deeep. You riht the words in your lyrics then justify them with meaning, and pretend you knew what you were doing the whole time. You rambling lyrics SUCK. Your show was the worst i have ever seen second to headliner. My god please stop you SUCK. PLEASE.
    BeautifulSoundon February 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI have never seen them live so I dont know but this is the only song Ive heard from them and its ok...
    forever_hauntedon April 02, 2006   Link

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