warm bodies I sense

are not machines that can only make money

past perfect tense

words for a feeling and all I've discovered

I'll be along son

with medicine supposed to designed to

make you high

I'll be along son

with words for a feeling and all I've discovered

old bad eyes

old bad eyes

old bad eyes

on loneliness comes

go see the foreman go see the profiteer

on loneliness drives

we're takin' our time movin' shit for

this holy slime

old, bad eyes

old, bad eyes

old, bad eyes, almighty fear

the shepherd won't leave me alone

he's in my face and I

the shepherd of my days

and I want you here by my heart

and my head, I can't start till I'm dead

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Pillar of Davidson Lyrics as written by Chad David Taylor Chad Alan Gracey

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    General CommentI'm gonna go out on a different limb here and suggest the song is more religious than it is about factory work.

    I think the song starts off with ed speaking about tele-evangelists and how they exploit a need for the lonely and insecure to have religion.

    Here goes my rough logic:

    "warm bodies" are the living, off whom the evangelist seeks to make money.

    "past, perfect, tense/ words for a feeling and all I've discovered" describes the bible - a 'perfect' series of words to give you a feeling etc, from a long time in the past.

    It then speaks as the evangelist - 'I'll be along with medicine to help make you high (happy), I'll be along with "words for a feeling and all I've discovered" (the bible)' i.e. i'll make you happy through the bible.

    Next its back to ed, who clearly hates the evangelist and referes to him as 'old bad eyes', the 'foreman' and the 'profiteer'.

    "on lonliness comes/ go see the foreman go see the profiteer" - a person gets very lonely and turns to the evangelist.

    "On lonliness drives/ taking our time, moving shit for this holy slime" - lonliness then drives a person to do what the evagelist (holy slime) wants.

    "old bad eyes, all mighty fear" refers to how the preacher (old bad eyes) uses the fear of the the almighty (god)

    The next verse about the shepherd refers to jesus (the good shepherd). The person from the previous verse finds that jesus is now in his life and won't leave him alone ("he's in my face" etc).

    "and I want you here by my heart and my head" - means he wants to meet jesus.

    "I can't start til i'm dead" - means that he can only do that after he's died.

    The final verse/background lyrics refers to the persons judgement day.

    The 'stallion' with the 'horns' is the devil

    The 'pillar of davidson' is again jesus who according to the bible was a direct descedent of David, making him literally david's son (or grandson many times removed).

    And the verse basically means the bloke is facing his judgement day where the devil is winning and jesus (the pillar of davidson) finds it too hard to go down (to hell) and tread upon all the cheap soles to save him.

    Just my thoughts, but i reckon there is far too much deep and typically ed religious stuff in there for that to be about work at a factory ed has never worked at.
    tomtoroon July 28, 2006   Link

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