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Krakatoa song meanings
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    Song MeaningThe theme of this song is the origins of life on earth through the metaphor of Krakatoa. It is a treatise against the existence of God.

    The most famous eruption of the Krakatoa volcano occured August 26-27, 1883, releasing energy equivalent to 13,000 atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Over 36,000 people were killed, and the island was left void of any life, as far as scientists of the day could tell.

    "When the dust and lava cooled
    "you were sterile as the rock from which the earth was tooled."

    When vegetation and small forms of animal life were discovered on the island a year later, the event was hailed as proof of evolution and the spontaneous generatiion of life. Later, those scientists were humbled by discoveries that seeds and insects could be carried to the island on winds and ocean currents, while seeds were also deposited on the island in bird droppings.

    "Seeds were wafted on the wind
    "forming heavy undergrowth for species winged and finned."

    Many scientists, dissatisfied by the complete lack of evidence that life originated on earth, use the Krakatoa metaphor to say life was deposited on earth by travelers or solar winds. If you haven't caught on to the purpose of NASA rovers on Mars looking for signs of life, those scientists are operating under the supposition that life could have ridden solar winds from Mars to Earth.

    "Was man's beginning a wind borne spore
    "to fly no more?"
    dzstroke015on February 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe volcano that this is named after-erupted in 1883 and the island that it existed on-was completely oliterated and it took a massive chunk of Java with it,not to mention like a quarter of a billion
    inhabitants-indigenous peoples and Dutch colonials alike from the pyroclastic flow and the tsunami.
    There were large "islands " of pumice with skeletons embedded in them washing up in *Zanzibar Island
    across the Indian Ocean.
    *Freddie Mercury was born in a Zoroaster family on Zanzibar in 1947...
    Thia007on November 23, 2011   Link

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