I'm hard to handle like bikes with no bars
We excite stores that got dykes leaving doors
Unlock the heated 'cause they know when I sex well
Left them breathless now they're waiting to exhale
Waiting to exhale with some competition
So come in and test well
The next one gets hung and chip of a chisel
I'm making chicks' nipples sizzle
There's no question to the way I rip the riddle
I'm awesome, I bring on monsoon when I bloom and blossom
And run over niggas like opossums
Froze on the road with my bike on they cornea
Man I'm warning ya, look, the Black Eyed Peas is formin' up
Ring around your throat that's made up of razor blades
Put the slice and let nice and easy humble days
On out, over, well known Casanova
Can I put on an army, quick to take it over
Nine on my niggas, count all my figures
Money on the street went entertainment
Nowadays brothers are getting paid doing nothing
Reciting the same line with the lame rhymes
Frontin' rappers actin' like their pops' was Orville Redenbacher
They quick to go pop
But when it's time to fiend for the green they flop
We do it from the heart like blood
Create rhymes that flood, and blow up like the Scud, Miss-ILE!
Miss out (Ha)

You can bop your head like this (Ha)
When we're dropping bombs like this (Ha)
You can bop your head to this (Ha)
When we're dropping bombs like this (Ha)
You can bop your head like this (Ha)
When we're dropping bombs like this (Ha)
You can bop your head to this (Ha)
Now check it out like


My rotation over tracks smacks like no other disciples
Riddle the action of satisfaction brought to you be Apl
Alligator now, 'bout to take you on a lyrical voyage
And bend your sure form I would sat-urated fat
The Alligat is on the move
I rhyme to be exact, not exactly on the groove
Several wopplers kinetic
My beat's energetic when reseted
You wonder why, we put our friends through calisthenics
So check out the fiery, I'm livin' not misery
Supply you with remedies for all these sick whack MC's
That this is song lurks now, time to go to work
To senegrate the ignorant, or shall I say the jerk
Time to contradict now, dig deep to the core
All I sick can be, but I still rip it raw
With the composition, with the position on steady
I'm ready for the mission of freestylin' acting shitty
Converse you with the energy enemy I focus on ya
Every styles you make I will take and break in front of ya
Erratic gets your presence you've been replaced by my essence
The sunshine survive, 'cause that's what we produce
Refuse to ability I use
To bruise up your brain with lyrics
(Ungh, ungh, ahh, uh, aarggh, ah, ahh, uhh)



This is who we is a 3-D, can he get back from where we enter
Lovely entertainment's what we enter
Feel the force, where we enter like Splinter
Black Eyed Peas be the fools that'll injure
Whole career and your body will be injured
Get dealt quick, and I got one for, uh
How you like me now
W-I double L rippin' up a style
That's cool and calm, we droppin' a bomb
And you can nod your head to the rhythm where we are
Some whole new (uh) that's well improved
When I'm over 'cause you know I'm a relax in a rule
That soothes your body, really really hardcore
Double-double Ta-ta for a while or for raw
Tap-a-tap a skill, it's the whip appeal then
Apl-Apl coming-coming in with

Let's rock this set exceed to terminate
Time to eliminate the whack that you create
Arm articulate, when I circulate over tracks
Let me get down and just relax

We gettin' down y'all
We gettin' down y'all
We gettin' down like this
We gettin' down y'all
We gettin' down
Like this (Ha)


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"Head Bobs" as written by Allan Apll Pineda Will Adams

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