There's electricity in here
With enough watts to shock the southern hemisphere
I put a surge in your city with my lyrics in the air
Shock hazardous, take caution and beware
Of high bolts and killer hertz, lyrics will kill, they hurt
Blast those, my energy's converted to a rhyme
I maximize in no time
Electrify the sky and go way be over now, uh
Just an MC, I'm not your average MC
I do more than MC, that's what suckers envy, and E
And every movement contains concepts that ain't nobody doin'
Come over these dramas or whack, and dirty
They tryin' to call me, perform track quality
Give me some punts, 'cause you really muddy
You move slowly 'cause of no electricity
I got my shit on overflow
When I ever find you, my overload
Oh, overflow
I got my shit on overflow (Overflow)

The whole globe's gonna feel the effect of the
Movement (Movement)
Movement (Yo, DC, London, Tokyo, feel the wrath of the)
Movement (Movement)
Movement (LA, help me turn it out, it's the)
Movement (Movement)
(We gonna keep your party jumpin' while your heart is steady thumpin' to the)
Movement (Movement)

We grip the pleasure from small things
Not from a Lex nor diamond rings
I just wanna crib in they studios set
Build my enterprise connection projects
Cover all angles and higher your aspects
Break more barriers than new concepts
Cause what they can't stop me, no way
The time is now, we ain't got time to play
Hey, you, listen to what I got to say
Let's get together and form a parade
Just delete what you create over plates
Make sure it's measured the right way
With the right ingredients, construct more devient
Things to prosper for your brain to capture
Now what I'm after is to learn from all things
Building full swing, no strings
You got me thinking about things that I don't need to think about
You wanna change my appearance for the masters, scope me out
Undress me, then rearrange me
Yo I can't go for that (No...)


You gotta jump back, jump inside B.E.P music
Shake what your mama gave you, don't abuse
If you abuse it, come change the music
If it's the bomb, no need to diffuse it
Let us demonstrate the real court and nation
While we improvise, giving you time and sensation
Mastering the art of motivation
Musically we're in touch with our creation
Takin' over land, and we takin' over nation
Family reunite, cause for celebration
Gotta find us on your channel, find us on your station
We bring the movement of Black Eyed Peas-ilation


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"Movement" as written by Brian Lapin Allan Pineda


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