Long time ago, before the iceage, people lived in
perfect harmony with the nature in a system that didn't
give possibility for overpopulation.
As the aksel of the planet ( plan - et ) was in its right
position, straight, all the planet was under stable
tropical climate. So was also Odenmaa at the northpole.

There lived the Arsers who held the highest knowledge
on eart with the ROT (root) - language. Outside
Odenmaa lived the vaners in their ringlands.

Everybody paid respect to Per who due to the
breeding-system was the allfather of all mankind
(everyone is a PER-SON)
Over 50 milj. 10000 years ago the aksel of the planet
shifted and caused the iceage when the ringlands
outside were covered by ice, a period called


As the Gulfstream came to heat south-Finland,
Odenmaa remained clear of ice and the Arsers learned
a new way of life.

Agriculture and new animal species were created for
staying alive for 50 milj. years surrounded by huge
As the ice started to melt and drown the Odenmaa the
very few of them left took pairs of the animals with
them and sailed trhough a passage way melted by the
stream to Bockland, an island outside of Sweden, later
named Goatland (Gotland).

After staying there for a thousand years the Arsers
headed back to Odenmaa except SVEN and DAN
who went to Sweden and Denmark to rehabite the

During ALTLANDIS the Vaners developed into ten
different races, mythilogies and languages outside the

The Arsers lived in Odenmaa again till the year 1050
when the crusader army sent by the Pope
destructed Odenmaa and created a new information
system based on the written word, not spoken as it
used to be.

This is a tiny part of a story that takes 20 years to tell
two hours a day brought to us family tradition by
the last Aser since 1984, according to the saga
10 000 years after the end of the iceage.

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