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We are the ones being picked on and hated
All we do is try to fit in, I feel so sedated
But this life we live in is so over-rated
It destroys everything I have created
We are the fools being chased through the street
We are the enemy they wish to defeat
We all get decieved because life likes to cheat
Who am I to say how I feel when all I feel is exhausting
How can I pay my way through life when I don't know what it's costing
I try to forget all those things I regret but they just come back to haunt me
Look fear in the face put it back in it's place but it just comes back to taunt me
Is the information I am giving relative to the situation
Should I just be quiet, never speak and deal with my frustration
Put a boundary around what I say
Nobody ever listens anyway
I was tricked into believing every word that came from your mouth
Now I'm tossing and I'm turning, my screaming drowns you out
Stuck to the floor, legs feel like a ton of bricks
No where to go, No one to see but my eyes transfix
On you with the one who has currupted my world
And your sarcasm circles me above my head it twirls
Like a rollercoaster I've been having my ups and downs
The weight I am carrying on my shoulder feels like a million pounds
We got thrown overboard just for being different, not the same as them
Now I lie awake in bed, look at the clock and its already 4am
How could this happen
How could this happen
We were fooled by ourselves, we were fooled by our own kind
We were fooled by everyone, they played with our mind
How could this happen, How could we let this happen
Let our lives unwind
How could this happen
We all are left behind

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