Demons with halos
Don't know who they are
Dressed in ordinary clothes
Are they you and me?
Me and you?
We need to see this through

Last time, i make a confession
That I'm, your only obsession
And you, cry in depression
When I left you on the side of the road

Who knows who they are
Master diguise
Regular features hide demonic eyes
Lost in deceict, from all of their lies

You were one
You were the only one
You were one
You were the only one for me

You looked like an angel
But now your a stranger
Should I run and hide?
I try to forget you
I know you forget me
The truth was denied

People change and tides turn
You left in the cold to burn
I should have know, I never learn

You were one
You were the only one
You were one
You were the only one for me

To look in the bright sun
See you were my demon
But I won't fade, no
I still see your halo

Even though its false I want to know
How you feel, I want to know
If it was real, I want to know
I need to know
I need to know
What was that halo

Give me a reason
To change the seaon
Give me a reason
A reason
Your my demon

Now I know
Now I know
You're my demon with a halo

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Demons With Halos song meanings
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    General CommentPeople you think you can depend on but end up letting you down or stabbing you in the back.
    Conkeron April 20, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"To look in the bright sun/see you were my demon/But I won't fade, no/I still see your halo." Great lyric. I hate that feeling of no knowing why that person completely stabbed you in the back. You still have belief that someday it will be alright again. Maybe it was real, maybe it wasn't. That halo is your hope. The hope that hides the truth. Maybe it was all in vain, maybe it wasn't. The hope that is the light it blinds you from reality. It keeps you from seeing that something will never be. After a while you can make yourself believe in anything...You find out that the person you had held up on a pedistal is something that you never though they were. They have have lied...
    Sweetygal16on May 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyeah maybe i could relate to the meaning,nt to the song....try to improve your're good at writing,but a little worse with ideas....
    whitepoetton July 21, 2002   Link

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