God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm equipment
God thinks the Jews killed his son and must be punished
God thinks the white man is Satan

God, they know what God thinks

God thinks we should all convert to Judaism
God thinks we must all be Christians
God thinks we should all embrace Islam
God thinks the only true religion is Hinduism

and I, I know what God thinks
God thinks you're a waste of flesh
God prefers an atheist
God, God

God thinks all people like you are hateful
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And you're using His name for your own protection

God thinks the sun revolves around the earth?
God thinks there was something very wrong with Copernicus
God thinks abortion is murder
And God thinks everything that science gave us is wrong
God thinks women deserve it
God thinks AIDS is a form of punishment
I hate people who blame the Devil for their own shortcomings
And I hate people who thank God when things go right

And I, I know what God thinks
God thinks you're an idiot
God prefers a heretic
God, God

God thinks all people like you are hateful
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And you're using His name for your own agenda

God is a liberal, God is a Democrat, God wants you to vote Republican
Never trust a man who puts his words in the mouth of God and says it's absolute truth
It's lies and it smells like death
It's all in a days work, taking money from the poor
Why do you think that God would need your dirty money if He wants to start a holy war?
Self righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And you're using His name for your own protection

God thinks puppies need to die
And God thinks babies need to drown
'Cause God is neither good nor bad
God is you and me
God is everything

Lyrics submitted by faust, edited by AngelSwordAF

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    General CommentThis song easily offends people who listen to the lyrics and not their meaning. The song's basically saying that whenever someone starts a sentence with "God thinks..." you really have to take whatever comes after as that person's opinion...NOT God's. And if Voltaire comes off as hypocritical when he says "I know what God thinks. God thinks you're an idiot" that's because this is satire and he showing the irony of how stupid it sounds when anyone says it. I think this is a great song because it makes you think.
    _L_on August 31, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAgreed muchly with the first reviewer. At first glance, this song looks incredibly offensive, but when you look closer and see how many times it contradicts itself, you realize what a brilliant satire it is. If you never thought twice about all those people who say "God think this and that's why it is" before, than this song would definitely make you reevaluate your views.
    nightkite13on March 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentSince I first heard this song I pretty much was of the opinion that anyone who wants to be religious in any way, regardless of religion, it should be mandatory to listen to this song, and fully understand it. If yeu can't grasp the meaning behind this, then yeu really have no place in worship as I can't see any god worth worshipping being pleased with those listed in this song more or less.

    Still, there's two main avenues of thought on this, which've both been stated above, but I'll reiterate simply because I can. So there.

    First off, it can be taken from the perspective of satire that it explains how everyone is on the side of "good" because "god is on their side" and obviously anything they do wrong is in god's name. It was sad watching the retardation of the afghan war... both sides were claiming the same identical reasoning... that god told them to do it, god was on their side so they must be right, and therefore righteous. I'm pretty sure killing women and children is expressly forbidden in the Qur'an, as much as "thou shalt not kill" is stressed in the bible. Yet people claim that god told them to do it. Note that I'm not using capitals when referring to god in this sense; this isn't a supreme being that's being referred to, nor even a title of such a thing, it's a thought or an idea, a "get out of jail free card".

    The second version is to assume a more literal translation of the ending section, which can instead be interpreted that everything listed above is true because god isn't a singular entity, but instead a combination of our own selves and everything around us. To steal a quote from Babylon 5 "we are the universe made manifest", not so much 'god' as an omnipotent being, but instead 'god' being more a singular consciousness divided and split into many smaller subsections, which would be us ourselves. If "we" are god, then everything "we" believe is "god's" belief, though generally the unreligious masses tend to think that the warmongers that use god's name are idiots, for this express reason. Yeur 'believe' is just that... a belief. NOT fact, NOT prooven. By definition 'faith' can not involve certainty, or it wouldn't be faith now would it? A faith is an opinion, an interpretation of the data at hand, and as it's an opinion, yeu have no right to enforce yeur opinions on someone who doesn't hold those same opinions.

    Regardless of which of the two methods yeu look at though, I think we all can agree that those who use "god told me to" as their defense are just idiots trying to excuse their behaviour, especially considering pretty much every time someone uses god's name in that way, they're doing something that whichever religious book they follow states very well that god does NOT agree with whot they're doing.

    But go figure, religion is a tool and a weapon more often than a valid form of expression of religious belief.

    And now we see why I consider myself a practicing agnostic... pretty much every religion is wrong by default because it's based on faulty information and human values; yeu can never truly know the mind of god, and organized religions by default claim to know just that. After a point, yeu have to decide, whether to continue following whot someone else tells yeu to believe, or to seek the truth on yeur own. Some people fare better at learning as a group, but personally I'm of the opinion that to truly understand the nature of the unknowable, requires a multitude of perspectives. Have to study every religion and every belief, learn as much as possible and try to figure it out from there.

    But that's a personal thing, though considering the tone of the song, it kind of implies the same concept; think of it from multiple perspectives, not just yeur own. Yeah yeu think god's a loving god, caring for all his creations. Others firmly believe that only a chosen few can ever hope to gain favour, which of course they're a member of. But if yeu really want to believe that... yeu're going to have to stop and think about when yeu start realizing that obviously the muslims, and the jews, and all the others, can't *ALL* be "the chosen people"... and whot are the rest of us here for? Cannon fodder? Doesn't sound like too compassionate of a god after all >.>

    We can assume a few basic rules though:

    1: If god exists then
    2: by definition, god is an all knowing, omniscient being
    3: and therefore is smarter than any mortal
    4: including my own self
    5: If I can apply common sense to a situation
    6: Therefore, god already did first due to having foresight of the future
    7: As such, by default, anything I can figure out, god already did
    8: So if anyone can find a flaw in yeur reasoning
    9: Then yeu're wrong

    If god hates jews, and god hates blacks, and god hates whites, for things they didn't even personally do, then it's probably wrong. Like the myth that "god cursed the snake" because satan took the form of a snake... yeah really, because someone dressed up as a snake and did something bad, ALL the REAL snakes get punished eternally for it by having their legs taken away. This's an example of common sense needing to apply. Either god isn't all knowing and not all seeing, so didn't realize the mistake, or god's not all caring, or really just a jerk in general to punish someone who didn't even do anything.

    Soooo yeah, anyways I'm way off topic XD

    TLDR version: Noone knows the mind of god, and anyone who says they do is lying to use it to their own advantage. Also, voltaire is <3
    Katsunion June 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWHAT!!??!?! God's not republican!!?!?! F@#K!!
    eternityawaitson April 21, 2004   Link
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    My OpinionI'm a Christian, and I wasn't offended a bit. Truth is, a lot of the "Christians" people see are dicks. I've encountered a few myself. I actually really like this song, because it calls out the religious hypocrites. I can't stand it when people try to use God to justify their horrible actions. I'm also impressed that I never got an Anti-God vibe.

    Yay for Voltaire.
    TacoZombieon April 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.
    Probably because I absolutely hate when people are protesting and holding up signs or wearing shirts that say "God hates __fillintheblank__"
    ur-dream_my-miseryon August 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSweet. So Voltaire is ripping on extremists of any sort be it political and especially the religious ones. So he knows that God exists and God is sick of the human stain. Voltaire is a brilliant composer
    Boofabroon January 17, 2012   Link
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    General CommentDarn, looks like I'm a bit late; L and Night took my reviews :P

    Just as a note though, I think "god thinks we're indeservate" should be "god thinks women deserve it"
    Reveon April 28, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is great. He is ripping apart every extremest(spl?) group that ever lived. An L is right most people would be extremely offended from the very first line and think the song is about how blacks are inferior. It shows wonderfully how all religious groups "think" they know what God "thinks" and its always what their ideals are. All mainstream religions believe in the same God with a different name but yet only one of them is right and the rest are wrong. Personally I think he should also make a song about how catholic priests rape little boys and get away with it but any other religious groups have an extremist do some crazy ass thing and it automatically gives their religion a bad rap. Hell catholics have a hierarchy. O.K. enough with me going off on a tangent about how much I hate the catholic religion. Either way its a bad ass song.
    nmitchell1185on December 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commentand another thing he also makes a good point in when he says "using his name for your own protection" this is perfect because all the christians i know use their religion to get out of trouble and try and make a good image for themselves even though athiests and satanists have better morals then they do. and im not dising atheists and satanists, I am proud to say I have actually studied up on satanism and a little on atheism and even though I am neither they both have their good points as do all religions and beliefs
    nmitchell1185on December 16, 2004   Link

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