you tell me not to be me,
and you tell me,
that my love is so worthless--

i cant hear the words that you tell me,
i cant hear them hear, them just let me go

but you don't see inside of me,
and you cant judge what you cant understand
and you laugh at my childlike dreams,
and think i'm better off in your scheme--

you will never know what its all about,
shut your fucking mouth,
just shut your fucking mouth.
i cant hear the words that you tell me
i cant hear them,
just let me go.
but you don't see what im gonna be,
im gonna be the man that you cant understand
and you laugh at my foolish thoughts,
you'll wind up choking on the words you brought

you will never know what its all about,
so shut your fucking mouth,
just shut your fucking mouth.

i cant hear the words, that you tell me
i cant hear them,
just let me go.

i cant hear you--(can you hear me?) hear me??

i cant hear the words, that you tell me--i cant
hear them, just let me go--but you don't see
inside of me, and you cant judge--what you cant
understand and you laugh at my childlike dreams,
and think i'm better of in your scheme--

i cant hear you, fucking hear me.
i cant hear you, fucking hear me.

Lyrics submitted by RoCkNrOllWhoRe

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    I think this song is about the emotions of hating the people that count their chickens before they hatch. I think its the hate that comes from people that judge you before they know you, or dont understand the situation. "i cant hear you, fucking HEAR ME"

    RoCkNrOllWhoReon April 19, 2002   Link
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    He wrote it about his dad that walked out on him as a kid

    cwel123on January 23, 2010   Link
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    I believe, like the others, this is a song about people who are supposed to be close to him who doubt him and feel like he'd be better off listening to their ideals. Funny, this song not only shows how much he's grown as a writer, but it also proves all those naysayers wrong. He's done amazing for himself, and he's an uber talented and accomplished musician.

    VegaLyrahon December 16, 2011   Link

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Just listening for the 784,654th time....and it's just perfect in every way. Just incredible. The only reason it was remade was to scoop up a boatload of money from a more modern and accepting audience. But it is a completely different song than the other one that sounds slapped together in a few takes without a thought for the meaning. This song captivates me still, after 50+ years. Takes me to the deep South and the poverty of some who lived thru truly hard times. And the powerful spirit of a poor young girl being abandoned to her future with only a red dress and her wits to keep her alive. She not only stayed alive, she turned her hard beginnings around, became self sufficient, successful and someone with respect for herself. She didn't let the naysayers and judgers stop her. She's the one sitting in the drivers seat at the end. So, not a song about a poor girl, but a song of hope and how you can rise up no matter how far down you started. There is a huge difference between a singer who simply belts out a song that is on a page in front of them, and someone who can convey an entire experience with their voice. Telling not just a story with words, but taking you inside it and making you feel like you are there, with their interpretation.