[Master P]

Where they at nigga? (There they is right there)
Pass me them thangs

[Chorus x3]

Lay it down
Lay it down hit 'em
I ain't talkin' to no fool, bout tah let my 9 get 'em


I be bustin' them locs
I be slangin' the dope
I be runnin' from coke
I be bustin' in dos
I be kickin' clown niggas talkin' shit with my business
Eighteen rounds, six five
P's murdah shit
I got the game
Never ball, never cheat, never fall
Put my name on the wall, cuz I'm big balled
Big brained, and big boulder
Big bustah, big hustla
Ain't trustin' no nigga or no bitch, or you busted


Lay it down
Lay it down nigga hit 'em
I ain't talkin' to no bitch, bout tah let my 9 get 'em

Uhh! (Ugggh)

Lay it down
Lay it down hit 'em
I ain't talkin' to no trick, bout tah let my 9 get 'em


Click click go boom
Nigga lay it down
I ain't fuckin' with no bitch ass niggas, or no clown niggas
Or no hoes that's talkin' the game
I got too much to do
I been slangin' cane
In the back, sixty-five for a burg nigga
Roll up on the curb
Sh..duck or you served
I be lucky, niggas steady bustin'
No Limit niggas ain't fuckin' with ya'll bustas
No bustas got game nigga, change nigga
Fuckin' the game nigga
Ya'll niggas that came nigga
I say that I'm servin' 'em
Dumb niggas ain't heard of me
Bust 'em up, I'm bustin' yah
Uhhh yah..I'm servin' yah
I got the game choppin'
Niggas started droppin'
Ask any nigga how we bout it bout it
You stop and know
No, just retire for a minute
Nigga think it's over, but it's only the beginnin'


Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down nigga (ugggh)
I ain't fuckin' with no tricks, yah get clowned nigga

Lay it down
Lay it down let's hit 'em
I ain't bout no fuckin' talk, and let my 9 get 'em


Kicked in a crackhouse
Got me a pile of that key
Lay it down young niggas
Now they workin' for me
I got hoes on the pay roll jerkin' it
I got niggas in the project workin' it
But the time don't tick, because the bitch don't flick
So when a nigga get rich
That's when them hoes talk shit
They wanna put yah down on the tee
Young niggas from the South, to the East, to the Mefamines
New Orleans so they workin' it


Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down hit 'em
I ain't bout no fuckin' talkin', let my 9 fuckin' get 'em


Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down hit 'em
I ain't talkin' to no bitch, bout tah let my 9 get 'em


Lay it down
Lay it down hit 'em
I ain't talkin' nigga, let my 9 get 'em

[Master P]

No Limit Soldiers don't talk nigga
Let that muthafuckin' 9 get 'em
Fuck rappin' bout it

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