"Hallelujah" as written by Natalie Jane Appleton, Stephen Garrikk and Carsten Kroeyer....
Does Satan wear a suit and tie
Or does he work at the Dairy Queen
Does he listen to rock and roll
Does he feed the mean
Singing Hallelujah

What about Jesus
Didn't he do it too?
Hang out with prostitutes
And have a drink or two.
Power of example
My mama said it and I heard
She says one ounce of action
Beats a ton of words.

Singing Hallelujah.
Mama said there would be angels
Mama said there would be sun

Is the devil in Elvis to go where no white man went
Or hiding in Hugh Hefner's body or maybe even Larry Flynt.
Say, how's about the President shielding all them stones
Man if I could find a shield like that I'd run 'round naked
In my glass home.

Sippin' Hallelujah
I think my angel's gone to Vegas
Sippin' Hallelujah
Holding aces in her hand. Hallelujah
As she's singing rock of ages. Hallelujah
On the table at the Sands. Hallelujah

Does Satan wear a suit and tie or
Does he work at the Dairy Queen.
Does he listen to rock and roll
Does he feed the mean
Streak in all of us.
All us saints here on earth
Hypnotized and over-advertised
'Til we're numb at birth

Singing Hallelujah
And my angel's turning pages
Singing Hallelujah
And she just don't understand. Hallelujah
That the devil's hot on her trail. Hallelujah
On the road to broken promised land. Hallelujah
On the TV and the radio. Hallelujah
Good and evil look the same to you

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"Hallelujah" as written by Leo Robin Clifford Grey

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    General CommentYou get confused with all ur influences and dunno what's right and wrong anymore.
    thinkitbeiton July 08, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAn inability to trust.
    sterobloon January 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is really uplifting for as slow tempo as it carries. It really makes me think about how no matter how much higher we all think we are above one another, we all really are equals when it comes down to it. As high up as everyone puts Jesus, the question is posed " didn't Jesus do it too, hang out with the prostitutes and have a drink or two?" Even a man as high and mighty as the great Jesus brought himself to such an equal of man. I feel that we should all take time to spend with those whom we ourselves consider less fortunate than we are. Sit and talk with a homeless man instead of giving him the cold shoulder, even if its for 5 minutes. Try to look at the world through there eyes, for that time frame. I'm not on any type of soapbox right now, because I have been just as guilty of committing these acts of blowing off the less fortunate, and even thinking I was better than them at times. Hopefully after writing this and listening to this song it will stick in my mind and help me to change my pathetic ways.

    We are all blinded by what is considered good and evil these days. The world around us is moving at such a fast pace, and the colors of good, bad, evil, kind, hateful, and any other thought is getting blurred into one big streak of ugliness. While the world around us is moving at the rate it is, it is up to each individual person to take time for themselves and figure out what it is they are passionate about, what their morals are, what their morals are, and even just communicating with that inner child inside them from time to time. The world seems to slow down around them even in the most hectic of schedules when this can be done, I promise you.

    SirBoosington28on May 16, 2009   Link

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