[Master P]
Hoe Games, Hoe Games
Suckers with no game
hate to see a young g stack a mil man

[Master P]
It could be your best friend your row dawg, your homies, your partners
niggaz that talk shit if the shoe fits I got ya
buster you know I cant trust ya
if you was a bitch you know I cant trust ya
suckers tried to play the P like a fuckin clucker
when im the dopeman go ask your brother
ask st. charles hot to be bald
suckers wanna talk shit like little kids in the school halls
gold thangs rollin sittin on lorenzo
bitches didnt wanna ride when the P was in the pinto
now I got a Lexus, took a trip to Texas
the P done went big time and fools wanna wreck this
its all legit, No Limit makes the hits
but suckers wanna talk shit why, because im rich

Players hate to see a player make a mil man
if you ask me that aint nothin but some hoe games

Hoe Games, Hoe Games
Suckers with no game
hate to see a young g stack a mil man

niggaz play hoe and get fucked
if hoes wanna play niggaz hoes will get fucked up
fool kinda mad cause I puts in work
I cock my chop jump out my drop and wipe off that smirk
now niggaz wanna play games
bitch im quick to get em up fuck rap and fame
still that g silkk riding on them thangs
roll up a swish park my shit then hang
nigga im always strapped, hoe I never skinny dip
and for them hoes a trizzo and for the niggaz a hollowtip
hate to see me clock a grip
hate to see me get rich
hate to see me pull a hoe
hate to see me pull this bitch
player haters need to keep them games in the arcade
if I put a quarter abd a slug up in your ass you gon get played
A g to a g I mean a g to a hoe
and you can come up to me in the 94'
and get some more game and throw away the hoe shit
and leave them hoe games to a hoe bitch


[King George]
niggaz talk shit behind my back like hoes
smile in my face up frony mout clothes
now its time to stop ya, here for the drappers
911 only hoes got ya
prepare for the battle, you get streched out
I wont let it rest til its wire in your mouth
you know who you are I wont say no
names in vain cease with hoe games


now im trying to go legit and stick with this rap shit
i see more and more niggaz get they wig plit
i got cash but i aint got no fucking pity nad smoke your ass
and move to another city brown nose bitches stay the
fuck out my face how you wanna take, take your ass
to the record store jealous motherfuckers
running they mouth getting they nuts off
i cant wait to catch your ass with my sawdoff
take this advice before you talk behind my back
cause playing hoe games might get your cranium cracked


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