I think of you like I often do
When I hear the rain on my windowpane
Gently tapping at the glass
Like your gently touching fingers
Just looking for the smile I give to you

You can feel what no one feels
You can hear what no one hears
Just looking for the smile I give to you
You can feel what no one feels
You can hear what no one wants to hear
Just looking for the smile I give to you

Your darkness speaks and has eyes to see
and you know me by my voice
But you know so much more than
"Don't fight the walls they're here for all"
Is what you said to me once
I looked into your eyes and I knew you were right


And your darkness speaks and has eyes to see
I know you can win this life long game we're in
"Hey darkness is a state of mind
I can go where you would stumble"
Is what you said to me and I knew you we right

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Blind Lyrics as written by Peter Heppner Markus Reinhardt

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    General CommentThe rain against the window reminds of how it felt when a blind person was touching his face to "looking for that smile" and with that they were able to see more of him than anywone else was able to.

    A person who touched his heart as well by teaching him that being blind is not as limiting as he believed. "Hey! Darkness is a state of mine, I can go where you would stumble"
    Televiperon December 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAs odd as it sounds, this one reminds of someone talking to God offhandedly.. Just carrying on a conversation between themselves and God over something that's happened recently. *shrugs*
    Seraphim13on August 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm an atheist but even if I wasn't this wouldn't sound like a conversation with god to me.

    "..was what you said to me.." (god quotes?), "..like your gently touching fingers.." (umm.. yuck!), "i know that you can win this lifelong game we´re in.." (god is immortal, right?), "i looked into your eyes" (also not really possible, even if it was a metaphor it would be kinda weird).. and so on.

    This song makes me feel strangely happy, not a bubbling excited happiness but a sort of subdued contentedness.
    I like the Herbig Mix more though.
    Hweiglon June 06, 2004   Link
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    General Commentmaybe this is about a lover (which he is talking to, or just even imagining a conversation with) who is blind (physically) or blinded by something. probably a pessimist or something. Some kind of blindness that allows them to somehow make sense of at least SOME things...
    meh *shrugs*
    gentle?on May 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthaven't you guys seen the video?
    in the video there's a blind girl, so I'm guessing it's about that..
    doktorkaon October 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYeah, I think this song is probably literally about a blind person.
    LaLaLogicon June 04, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationI took this to be a song about being "blinded by love". The rain reminding him of her touch suggests that everything reminds him of her because she's always on his mind. For example, the rain is "gently tapping" and it makes him think of her "gently touching fingers". I believe the remainder of the song is a reference to long-distance relationships (touring perhaps)? "Don't fight the walls" and "your darkness speaks to me" she said, as a reference to the distance, depression, loneliness, relationship paranoia and communication problems of having a long-distance relationship, however she believes that the distance will make their relationship stronger. I thought to "feel what no-one feels" and to "hear what no-one hears" is a reference to feeling love for him/her and hearing the words "i love you". The worst thing for him is not being able to see her smile.

    Alternatively, I've just realized the references to the heightened senses associated with the condition of blindness. The tragedy in this interpretation is that she can "see" the world much as he does, only she'll never see the beauty of a smile. He can give her everything he has but he can't give her the gift of a beautiful smile.
    asortofdreamon December 25, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song can be interpreted literally and figuratively. Literally, being physically blind, like some people mentioned already. I think the first verse is definitely referring to being physically blind:

    like your gently touching fingers
    just looking for the smile
    i give to you

    A blind person uses their fingers to "look" at a person's face. She was looking at his smile.

    you can feel what no one feels
    you can hear what no one hears
    just looking for the smile
    i give to you

    The chorus implies that the two people are very close to each other that they can tell what the other person is feeling. It might be some small nuance in expression or voice that others who are not so close do not pick up on. I think the song can be about two people who are in a relationship, or have broken up, or even two best friends. And that person wants what's best for their friend, and for their friend to be happy, so they are always looking for the smile.

    and your darkness speaks and has eyes to see...

    This line actually has a lot of meaning to me because I am physically blind in one eye. It's traumatizing, growing up that way. You get self-conscious, you become sympathetic to others with health problems; you pay attention to how people treat each other, and you learn how to treat others with respect at a much earlier age than most. Basically, you "see" things from a different perspective. I used to have my own saying that was similar - "I see more than you do with your two eyes." Darkness can also imply depression. Depression also causes you to see things from a different perspective.

    "don�t fight the walls... they�re here for all!"

    When you live in darkness, you become gaurded. You put walls up. I believe that is what she is saying in that line. Don't fight them - you might make them worse, or she may lower them over time, but to me I like to think she keeps everyone at a distance because she doesn't want to drag anyone into the darkness.

    "hey! darkness is a state of mind!
    i can go where you would stumble!"

    She's been in the darkness for so long that it's a comfortable state for her whereas other people might not be able to handle it.
    khromeon August 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt seems that the German romanticism is back! He is the voice of synthpop, what a pure melody! It's all metaphor, but he enhances the true importance of kindness through all the obstacles in life. Being blind is horrible, but it could also have some other advantages, great Wolfsheim!
    PeluCrespinson April 15, 2021   Link

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