He always found it hard to take her
She wouldn't listen to advice
And though he never tried to make her
She often thought it would be nice

Oh, and now she's headin' out to California
It's been a long time comin' but she's feeling like a woman tonight
And she left a little letter said she's gonna make a stop in Nevada
Goodbye, goodbye.

She tried for years to be a good wife
It never quite got off the ground
And all those stories of the good life
Convinced her not to hang around

Oh, and now she's heading out to California
And she doesn't know what's comin' but she's sure of what she's leaving behind
And she left a little letter said she's gonna make a stop in Nevada
Goodbye, goodbye.

And though she finds it hard to leave him
She knows it would be worse to stay
He wouldn't understand the reasons
That make a woman run away

Oh, and now she's heading out to California
With some money in her pocket she's a rocket on the fourth of July
And she left a little letter said she's gonna make a stop in Nevada
Goodbye, goodbye.

Oh, and now she's heading out to California
With some money in her pocket she's a rocket on the fourth of July
And she left a little letter said she's gonna make a stop in Nevada
Goodbye, goodbye.

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Stop In Nevada Lyrics as written by Billy Joel

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    Song MeaningThe man married to the woman has always found it hard to deal with his wife, and their arguments at times seem to be pretty severe. However, he never gets fed up enough to end their marriage, and he still wants to try to work it out, even though his wife wishes he would. She doesn't want to be the one to break his heart, she wants him to ask for the divorce. And in doing so, she gets to guiltlessly walk away from the man she once loved. She tried to be the best wife she could, but it never seemed to work out no matter how hard she tried. Something in their marriage was off, and she didn't like it, but it was only until she heard someone talking about the stories of her happier younger years that she decided she wanted a new beginning. Maybe she had married early and gave up a lot to be with the man she loved??? It's hard for her to leave the man she spent so many years, holidays, and time on, and she's probably feeling nostalgia for those memories because of how happy she was in them. However, what is she sacrificing out there in the real world for this guy she argues with all of the time?? She feels like she has to leave, and it's her only option if she wants to be like that girl in the past she once was. But rather than tell her husband that she's leaving him face to face, she leaves a letter at her house where she knows he'll find it so that he can't stop her from leaving him. He won't just let her go, he loves her too much to do that, and he wouldn't understand why they need to divorce. She lets him know that she's starting over in a new place, and that she'll always remember the good times they had and how special he was to her. She's so sorry that it couldn't work out, but she needed to leave for her own good. And now, as she leaves, she becomes a new more confidant woman, and heads out into the new world with whatever money she had left in her wallet, saying goodbye and leaving it all behind.
    aklaym3340on December 10, 2015   Link
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    General CommentDude, you are so totally wrong...

    Fact is she wants to leave her husband - forever!!! We don't know in which State they live, but I guess it must be quite a long trip to California. I think that she wants to be as far away from her husband as possible. And California is called the "Sunshine State", a nice place to try and start a new life.

    So what about this "Stop in Nevada"? You really think she wrote this, so he could follow her and get her back? And how?? She only wrote "Nevada", not the name of any city!

    The obvious reason: She wants a divorce!

    Nevada is famous for its quick and unproblematic divorce legislation. Does it really take a European (I'm German) to explain to you the real meaning of this song?

    By the way, if you know the song "Don't go down to Reno" by Tony Christie, this song is about the same situation! You probably know that Reno is a city in Nevada...

    MrSlytherinon June 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCould it just be Billy and His first wife? She left her husband for Billy and then married Billy, she was with him when they worked at the Executive lounge, where she was the "waitress practicing politics" and he later wrote Pianoman and "Say good bye to Hollywood" when he left the West coast and returned to NY, (NY state of mind) its all about Billys life.
    MagicMochaon April 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFirst verse
    First 2 lines. He wouldn't listen to her. "sexual conotation'he wouldn't take her'"
    Second 2 lines. No passion in the relationship. She wished there was.
    2nd verse
    first line. She's going to start a new life.
    2nd line. I don't have to explain this one just read it.
    3rd and 4th lines. She's getting a divorce.

    As Bugs use to say, "That's All Folks"
    Tag Hunter
    taghunteron May 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentA whole movie in 3 minutes.

    Soft music: She tried for years to be a good wife.

    Then she heads a different future apart her boring life and then "she's headin' out to California" and music seems to go crazy and cheerful.

    But she left a little letter said she's gonna make a
    "stop in Nevada". This is the door she leaves open if he really wants her to get back. And make things change. With some money in her pocket, she's a rocket on the Fourth of July

    My end of the story, if we have to believe what music says, a long walk to the soft theme of the beginning, tells us that he must have met her in Nevada, probably promised her the moon, and she never could reach California.

    But sometimes I prefer to think she escaped and he remained alone in his boring life thinking of her, and what they could have done together if he only cared...
    le fer et le feuon March 28, 2008   Link

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