This song was originally released by New Zealand band The Chills and is on the 1987 album 'Brave Words'. Music and lyrics attributed to Martin Phillips....
sitting watching clouds go by
falling across a very wide sky

its the night of the chill blue
and i'd like to say how I love you
but it's all been said in other songs
and if i try to say it new
then i'll say it wrong

so I think of you, the only one
i wish that it was just us two
but it's you and me and us - that's three

twinkling stars over foreign lands
silent camel train on desert sands.

Its the night of the chill blue
and I hope to god you feel this too

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    My OpinionThis song fucking rules. Pretty standard lyrical fare from Superchunk - surprisingly emotional thoughts on relationships amidst a raging hurricane of loud rocking - but I would like to highlight this particular little profundity: "i wish that it was just us two / but it's you and me and us - that's three."

    Initially, I thought this was alluding to some kind of third wheel in the relationship - a friend that's always hanging around - but I now realize it's actually a clever bit of semantics elucidating why so many relationships tend to go wrong.

    At the start of a relationship, you're intrigued by the other person. You want to learn more about them and share things about yourself. Half of the fun is that kind of exchange; there's a sense of "you and me."

    But as time goes on, "you and me" becomes "us." And even though it's still just the two of you, the familiarity, the intimacy that has rendered the two of you one item - one "couple" - makes it as if there is a third wheel: you, me, and "us." And that "us" depletes the excitement of a new love.

    Good shit.
    Ximon October 10, 2012   Link

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